How many are PIMO ??

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  • Incognito

    I have read speculation that 50% of attendees are PIMO. I think that percentage is overly optimistic but suspect there is a substantial portion who do not consider themselves as PIMO but recognize things are not as WT claims. Many might feel that God is watching and will punish them if they investigate the religion independent of WT. There are likely others who know WT is wrong about many things, but continue to think, "What if WT has it right overall?".

    WT are masters at programming it's members to doubt and second guess their own thoughts and and opinions, instead programming them to rely on WT to tell them what to do and how to think.

  • stillMS

    My guesstimate on PIMO % is not too optimistic (from what I observe in the congregations I know) I would say it's closer to 5-10% than to 50%.

    Also, as some have already mentioned, there exists a 'gray zone' - when the person evidently doesn't follow some jw rules, but still believes most of the stuff and is pretty active in the congo.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Top post award goes to Wake me up....

    "If dissenters are punished, and can anticipate they're going to be punished, then you might have a situation where no one actually believes something, but everyone believes that everyone else believes it. Therefore, no one is willing to be the little boy that says the emperor is naked."

    The only problem with trying to share reasoning like with someone we are trying to rescue is that generally they are so culturally bereft that they have no idea what you are talking about when you use the no clothes illustration.


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