Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Ever Do Anything For Anyone But Themselves?

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    Glad I saw this topic because I almost forgot what I saw about a week and half ago. I drove by the Chico Bidwell Cong which sits on the Skyway just below Paradise (the town that went up in flames). I almost drove off the road because there was a sign on the side of the building that said "Fire Relief Center" or words to that effect. It was a pretty large banner. Of course was on it too.

    This has to be a PR move to get some good publicity...or maybe it's some scheme to horn in on govt money that's available to charities and relief centers who are helping. I wanted to go in and inquire but if certain people were there I would have been kicked out. I have a friend who will prob go in and ask for me. If she does I'll report back. They have a fair-sized parking lot but I didn't see any tents, trailers or RV's.


    What a great way to get rid of all those old Awakes & Witchtowers. And tell them that soon the whole earth will look like Paradise...uhh the one here in CA...but wait there's another one coming soon, a new one with body snatcher people inhabiting it.

    What was it they used to say...something about a lifesaving work which was greater than any charity...excuse me, I gotta throw up now.

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