Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Ever Do Anything For Anyone But Themselves?

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • smiddy3

    In their mind why would they ?

    Unless your a JW your going to be destroyed by Jehovah/Jesus at Armageddon because your a part of Satan the God of this system of things world .

    If a JW helps a non witness who has shown no interest in becoming a JW then they would be considered helping and supporting Satan`s system of things of this world that is lying in the power of the wicked one .

    In contrast to this though is this .

    How many aged and infirm Jehovah`s Witnesses do you know personally that are no longer cared for by family ,and certainly not by the Organization of Jehovah`s Witnesses and are in Church funded , or Government funded institutions and cared for by these institutions that they considered a part of Satan`s system of things or Babylon The Great ?

    I know a few.

  • Lynnie

    Yes it's true they barely do anything for each other. There was no one to help my 86 year old mother who was a devout member and pioneer for 40 years. All of a sudden everyone was too busy going out in service to help with her getting groceries or anything like that. So she had to hire someone to help her that wasn't a witness.

  • joe134cd

    We couldn’t even get someone to sit with my elderly grandmother for a couple of days after she had a stroke, while we got things sorted. We got marched into the back room and told “we ain’t no charity”, and “go and see social services”. Interestingly the elder who gave us this advise is now also in the same situation. it will be interesting to see how willing he is to apply his own advise to himself.

  • minimus

    Basically, JWs are prejudiced against any person or group who doesn’t identify as a Witness. Not only that but you have to be an exemplary JW.... or else you get treated like a ‘worldly “ person

  • blondie

    There is some exceptions, usually people with money who have donated it while living or have the WTS in their will.

  • Lynnie

    My mother always gave $$$ to the WT and no one else but it didn't matter when she needed the congregation's help the most. Yes I was called upon to "help" after 40 years of shunning and was told my uber elder cousin that it wasn't the WT's responsibility to care and help people in the congregation it was the family's! And he had "decided" that now was the time for me to help even though I'm disfellowshipped. Unlike other religions who will help if needed.

    She passed away in September and they had the memorial in October and now they are done with me again forever! Feel the love.

  • GLTirebiter

    The only hope for an "apostate" in need is a non-believing parent. They know who will help them, and who won't.

  • smiddy3

    The G.B. / Jehovah`s Witnesses claim they are not a charity and that it is the responsibility of family members to look after the elderly or infirm Jehovah`s witnesses and not their job to do so.

    Failing that they will tell you to use the Government sponsored programs and Churches as well as the local community to get the needed help .

    Funny how "The God of Love" Jehovah`s chosen people fail to help their aged loyal servants who for many years into old age spent their lives in the service to the organization that now rejects them in their time of need ,

    and are told to rely on what they term as Satan`s system of things ,Govts ,Churches ,health Care ,etc.while they WTB&TS turn a blind eye and offer no help whatsoever .

    And all the while the WTB&TS claim and get Charitable status around the world ?

    My mind boggles.

  • jonahstourguide

    Well, for wot it's worth.

    A prominent CO and SKE instructor based in Victoria and often NSW, is cruising around the Australian country side while his capable mother has been dumped in a nursing home because the other sibling (not in the religion) could no longer be with her as her own partner needed her full time attention. The super spiritual son convinced her to go into a nursing home. When he does rarely visit he tells her she is in the best nursing home in Melbourne. He had to keep his 'spiritual status' and his mother keeps trying to convince herself this is best for her and her son. PATHETIC.


  • jhine

    l have to buck the trend here . A local JW woman realised that her elderly neighbour was in danger of being put into a home. The elderly chap went into hospital and it transpired that his house had been sadly neglected . Social services were worried about letting him go back to such a state so the JW stepped in and rallied a few friends who cleaned and tidied so that he could go back . This man is not a Witness and l know that the JW woman is now keeping an eye on him . Perhaps my local JWs are a bit more human .


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