New brother to have a bible study with

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    If you're not gay don't say you are. It makes you a liar and manipulative. Instead, be yourself. If you are not interested, don't act interested. Nothing discourages a study conductor as much as an unprepared student. Don't highlight anything in the book. Remember, highlighting or underlining is the sign of spiritual progress. The less you highlight, the less the spiritual interest. Answering "I don't know" infuriates a conductor as well. I actually had a brother yell at me when I was a boy, "I'm taking my time after work to study with you and you don't even read it ahead. I'm wasting my time." End of study. You can do this without being rude, just be a busy 13 year old. Good luck little man.

  • JaniceA

    Here is something you will learn the value of as you get older:

    "No." It's a complete sentence.

  • JaniceA

    Wasanelderonce has the most effective response for your 13 year old self. "No." Is something you likely need to be in a more independent position to get away with in the J. W world.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Wasanelderonce has great advice. Remember, you don't need to be disrespectful, but you certainly don't have to act interested. Honestly, your aunt should be the one studying with you if she's your guardian. I seem to remember the WTS discouraging family "heads" (assuming your aunt is a JW and your uncle if around is not?) from having outsiders study with their kids since it's their "spiritual" responsibility.

    Definitely use anxiety to avoid joining the school and becoming a publisher. If they force you on the school, try to find the positive in getting used to public speaking. Pretty sure you can avoid being a publisher since they actually have 2 elders meet with you to see if you are qualified. You can definitely answer questions incorrectly and kill that even if you are forced to go through the process.

    Keep us posted!

  • Londo111

    I think back to being a young pioneer and having parents study with their kids, in one case, a person who was my own age. It made for easy time.

  • freddo

    Not sure if you should do this but what hell would break loose if you said "Thanks for agreeing to study with me Bob, but I don't want a bible study. It's my aunt who wants me to have a bible study, but I don't. I'm only here to please her and I don't believe Jehovah's Witnesses have ever predicted anything of significance that has come true."

    "Furthermore, I do not want to waste my school years swotting to join a cult and so won't make any effort to do so."

  • steve2

    Freddo with all due respect that sounds like a super confident and independent-minded adult speaking - not a 13 year old.

  • John Free
    John Free

    Only you will know the consequences of asking not to have a study. Will it create unbearable situation at home? Will your aunt be angry? If you’re not sure could you test the water?

    “Aunt I would rather not have a study at this time”

    when asked why not? You can say

    ”I attend meetings and that is enough intake for me at this time” “I don’t feel like it” “I just don’t” - always be vague never be controversial by saying “it’s a cult” etc

    Be respectful but perhaps politely remind her that Jesus said “let anyone that WANTS to come take life’s water free. Ask her if she is going to force you to have a study.

    Tell her that if you have any freedom of choice on the matter you would rather not study at this time since you don’t feel like it.

    All of this assumes it won’t create unbearable tension in the house.

    If so then study with bob be a respectfully bored student.

  • intrigue169

    Tell your parents you are loosing intrest because you feel like it is being forced on you and you feel it will cause them to shun you till the day they die . tell them you want to study school stuff instead because you want to earn a scollorship even though watchtower preaches against it, and you still want to have fun like a kid should.

    din't prepair for the study with bob ever and when he asks tell him you really do not enjoy it at all and it is pushing you away from god.

    Wasanelder Once said some great stuff. listen to him.

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