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  • Akid48

    well i moved to a new congregation, and I have no one to study with and I didnt have a bible study in WEEKS and I was loving but one meeting my aunt said ''Im going to set up a bible study with brother bob (dont his name)''.Well come to find out brother bob is a man that puts a lot of pressure on you to join the school etc.

    Well right now im like fuck,because i dont know how to deal with brother bob so i just wanted to know if any could help me.

  • pale.emperor

    How old are you? If you don't want a bible study don't have one. Or if you do make sure you ask the questions they don't like:


    Overlapping generation

    Rutherford and Beth Sarim


    CT Russell and pyramidology

    Rutherford claiming vaccinations were demonic

    If you don't know what these subjects are, go to and do some reading on there about them.

  • Akid48
    I'm 13
  • moreconfusedthanever

    If I recall correctly you are still in school and early teens. You don't have much say in what happens right now so sit in the study, answer the reading comprehension exercise from the paragraphs and no more. Play the game, slow and steady. Slow!! No rush to do anything such as service or talks and avoid baptism at all costs.

    Say anxiety holds you back from being on the school and talking at the doors. If he makes you go in field service with him, refuse to do any talking just say you want to watch and learn.

    Eventually he will no longer want to waste his time or you will be old enough to make your move.

    Relax and be patient.

  • carla

    Develop a bad memory? act like you don't 'get it'? get all the answers wrong but not apostate sounding? will they consider AKid kind of lost cause if he does those things?

    I agree with moreconfusedthanever, avoid baptism at all costs!

  • OnTheWayOut

    The school is all-volunteers. It is not a requirement. I also agree with moreconfusedthanever.
    You have to start asserting your feelings on this, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

    "No, I will not join the school." Many sign you up without your permission at that age. Just don't do it. Treat it as the first step of a slippery slope toward baptism. Field service is another one. I also agree that if they make you get out there, don't offer to say anything to "householders."

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Just trying to put myself in a 13 year old boy's shoes. For a goof, I'd probably tell the brother really shyly that I find it hard to concentrate on the study.

    "Why's that, young man?" Brother Bob will ask.

    Then you raise your gaze and stare him dead in the eye. "Because I'm attracted to you, brother Bob."

    BAH! If he's of the right mind, he'll drop your study like a hot potato due to the inappropriate nature of things. But that's a dicey bluff to pull in WT land, given the industrial scale of pedophila issues they're having.

    Nonetheless, if brother Bob cares about not encouraging your "confused feelings" (there's a whole Young People Ask chapter on the pubescent "phase" of homosexuality), he'll back the hell off.

  • ToesUp

    "Then you raise your gaze and stare him dead in the eye. "Because I'm attracted to you, brother Bob."

    I like this one Wake me up! Classic!!!

  • dubstepped

    Lmao @ Joho's post!!!

    I hate the pressure they put on kids. I'm pretty sure that's what "undue influence" is all about. I recently interviewed a girl that was in a congregation of 15 in a small town that would be left in a car with a pushy elder while her mom and a sister went on studies and he'd just grill her for years on the baptism questions and ask her why she wasn't getting baptized if she could answer them. It's so unfair.

    @Akid - I don't know any easy answers here. OTWO has some good suggestions. Only you know how far you can push things and what the consequences will be. You may have to play along to make things easy on yourself if these people are harsh, or you may be able to just say no to everything if they're laid back. Sorry man, it sucks.

  • Giordano

    You have a couple of choices.

    1. Go along to get along: If You think getting some speaking experience would be useful in school etc. then turn it to your advantage.

    2. As far as getting Baptized goes follow Jesus' example....... Jesus was 30 years old when he was baptized.

    4. Field service: "since I have no firm idea what I believe...... it is best if I just support my Aunt in Field service if she wishes."

    At the age of 16 you can be emancipated by the Court.

    However it is in your best interest to have a roof over your head......... to get a good education and participate in after school programs in sports, music etc. and aim for higher education if only a two year degree.

    Keep us posted. Believe it or not we were all thirteen once (lol) some of us raised in a split belief home, or by fully committed believers. Some of us even got baptized early (under 18) to please our parents. That of course became a tragic choice when in a few years we wanted out.

    Right now It would serve you well to be kind to your Aunt, helpful around her home and a good student at school.

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