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  • jookbeard
    welcome aboard, plenty of good advice here, you really have plenty of options, take your time.
  • ToesUp

    Welcome! It's a social club.

    I feel the same way sometimes. I don't always fit into the "worldly" scene but I definitely don't fit into the JW cult.

    Enjoying life and am fortunate to be married to my best friend who left with me.

    Take one day at a time.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Welcome to the nuthouse Distracted.
  • Distracted

    Any one else hear about some special thing you can watch or read from the WT site for people to come back in the org going on this month? My mother was urging me to go and watch it. Been afraid to. Even though I realize it is bunk, that stuff depresses me.

    One time I expressed an opinion on that scripture about 'going in your interior room when things start to occur.' Mom brought that up a week or two ago says there's new light about that. At some point It's going to be like the original pass-over when the Israelites painted blood over their doorways. God's angels are going to be able to differentiate people to save by their heart condition. In other words she was subtly saying I'm done for unless I get my butt back to the hall.

    Should I make a new thread about this or has someone else wrote about this?

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Welcome, Distracted!

    There was a brochure released at the last convention called, "Return to Jehovah" which is supposed to help "inactive ones" be encouraged to return.

    And this month, their TV broadcast for November features a whole spiel about helping "re activate" those who have become inactive.

  • cofty
    Welcome to the forum Distracted
  • LostGeneration

    Hey Distracted, welcome to the forum.

    There has been a bit more of a push in the last few years to force people back into the cult. There was a new brochure of the summer, a prodigal son video last year I think, and as mentioned the jw TV stuff is hitting it now. I think a lot of it is just to get the people on the inside hopeful for their "lost" relatives. Remember it sucks for them to have to shun their family, and to think that they are going to be killed by their loving, heavenly father any second now.

    That being said, I think you will find peace in your life and draw a line in the sand. Make it clear you will never return to an organization that protects child molesters. Put it exactly that way and they won't know what to say, and they will shutup about it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    God's angels are going to be able to differentiate people to save by their heart condition. In other words she was subtly saying I'm done for unless I get my butt back to the hall - if this were the case, and angels could read peoples' hearts, then kingdom hall attendance wouldn't be necessary.

    I'm sure you've worked it out, but it's just a way for the cult-like Watchtower Society to scare people back in.

    No more, no less.

  • Giordano

    Hi Distracted, Lost Generation has the truth of it. Just mention the Pedophile issue within the JW and the Society. You'll consider going back when the Society has fessed up and cleaned up that mass.

    Here's one example:

    The Australian Royal Commission held a hearing recently that was televised and based on interviews with JW Elder's, Branch Officials and one GB member the records from the Australian WT Branch turned up 1006 or so complaints of pedophilia in the congregations from the 1950's until the present day. There were also over 1900 victims identified and many gave testimony as well. Not a single case was ever reported to the authorities by the JW Elders or Branch.

    This was only one country there over what 250 countries with active JW's?. Who knows how many children were and continue to be abused.

    It was all about hiding this information even from the congregation. They also applied the two witness rule....think about that......... there needs to be two people who witness the sexual abuse the child victim and one other!

    They urged no family member to run to the police, they told no one else in the congregation that there was a pedophile in the congregation.

    Google JW's and Pedophiles and watch some of the trials and interviews covered by national and international media.

    If Jesus and his army are coming for revenge I'd stay far away from the JW's, Catholic priests and a bunch more.

  • flipper
    DISTRACTED- Welcome to the board my friend. You are among friends who have been through similar experiences, myself included . I exited the Witnesses at age 44 after being a born and raised JW- believe me freedom of mind is sweet. Look forward to being of support to you in your journey my friend. Hang in there and take care

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