I need to know more on why its a problem for me dating a JW girl.

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  • seekinghelpp

    ok not to throw no shade or no disrespect to the JW religion. which i truly do respect because my girlfriend is part of but i just don't understand, i have researched so much about it. so much about how its discouraged for her to be with me just cause of different religion. like really ? "oh you'll be shunned by the church and family" like in my honest opinion thats horrible. maybe my opinion doesn't matter cause I'm catholic then again i wasn't born into the JW religion so yea i don't get or understand a lot of it. i only understand what i was taught when i was younger but i have common sense that, thats not morally right. Yes i do respect your religion very much but still. you should be able to date,marry, be with whoever you want if the love or bond is that strong. religion shouldn't hold you back from it nor should it shun you from wanting it. yes spam me with how to take it or leave it, or forget about her but i just wanna know why is it such a big deal ? give me more or an explanation on why can't i be with her just cause of religion ? you guys think every religion thats not JW is demonically created or has to do with evil but no. THATS WHAT YOU GUYS THINK. there is good in the world that you guys do not want to be part of but all of you are blinded by your own beliefs. so help me lord that this is truth ? no. I'm not here to disrespect. I'm here to find a real reason why i can't be with my girl without a problem, without her mom not wanting me to be with her cause of me religion or her being scared to be kicked out her religion. thank you. I'm sorry in advanced just very curious and upset. and yea i know this topic is always discussed but everyone just asks you the basic. I'm more complicated (;

  • Mephis

    This board doesn't have many active JWs on it, but there are a lot of us who've been JWs or are going through the motions.

    Totally agree with you, you should be able to date someone not of your own religion. But JWs divide everyone into 'us' and 'them'. You're 'them' - an unbeliever (I know you said you're Catholic - to a JW that's an unbeliever, they've spent over 100 years slating Catholics and Catholicism), so you're considered to be dubious in character and nature (you're probably a really great guy - but all unbelievers are dubious to JWs) and their first thought will be that you're only there to pull your girl away from being a JW. Which then leads to all the shunning stuff for her.

    That's the brass tacks of it I'm afraid. You may get suggestions to become a JW to make it easier on her. I'd personally suggest not doing that even if you were inclined to.

  • Chook

    Your girl friend has been and is CULT affected , to no fault of her own. We as human never get to see all aspects of our fellow man . Your poor girlfriend no matter how nice and good she is , is wired different than all other girls due to indoctrination from a very manipulative organisation. Unless she is willing to forsake her family and religion and NEVER turn back , then your in for a tumultuous life.This is religious mafia, you can only leave in a box. If you think it's complicated now imagine having kids ,NO birthdays,no Christmas ,no tooth fairy, no valentine ,no Easter . I know you might think there is love ,but the hate that religion has for outsiders is greater than any love you have for her.

  • LisaRose

    I agree you should be able to love who you want. What you may not know is that the Jehovah's Witnesses are not a religion like any other religion. They are a cult, and controlling who you choose to marry is just one way they have of controlling you. I was a JW for 28 years, until I realized they were not what they pretended to be, so I left.

    The problem is that your girl probably believes this is the one true religion and that if she doesn't do what they say she will die at Armageddon, which is happening any time now (and has been for over a hundred years). It's very hard to fight that kind of brain washing.

    You are probably better off finding someone who isn't in a cult.

  • LostGeneration

    Almost all ex JWs here. We all know its a cult and I can understand your frustration.

    That being said, the almost universal advice given to people who come here looking for solutions to make it work is simply give it up and find a normal girl/guy. You won't want to hear it, because you are blinded by love, but in you are in for all kinds of headaches, disappointments, and in reality, massive pain and suffering if you insist on trying to force this relationship to work.

    Much easier to break it off now and move on than later on.

  • 2+2=5
    not to throw no shade or no disrespect to the JW religion. which i truly do respect because my girlfriend is part of

    The JW religion deserves no respect. It's a filthy cult. Not to say your girlfriend isn't lovely, it's just she's a victim.

    Think daddy issues x1000, she is going to carry serious baggage from the cult.

  • honest

    I am a inactive Jehovahs witness and I hate the religion I was born into.. She will be shunned for being with a worldly guy. Jehovahs witnesses believe that all non Jehovahs witnesses are part of Satan's world. Either you convert, or she will lose her entire family and friends. I suggest you make a ultimatum to her, that she is happy to be your girlfriend and regardless and will not force you to change. Even If she remains with you and gets disfellowshipped and you marry and she returns to the jw cult you will have tumultuous relationship. Jehovahs witnesses do not respect non believers and it's always their way, your way will be considered satanic. You will have fights over holidays, medical treatments and social associates and many more etc...

  • honest


    The Jehovahs witness cult doesn't deserve an ounce of respect.. It mandates shunning of all ex members including family. There is no way to leave it without major consequences. It's a evil disgusting cult.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    CHOOK said - "If you think it's complicated now imagine having kids , NO birthdays, NO Christmas , NO tooth fairy, NO valentine , NO Easter."

    Without debating these topics, would you seriously abandon your belief/practice of them to be with your girlfriend? The fact is that she almost certainly wouldn't adopt them, so your relationship would face terrible strains when it came to celebrating such things.

    Just ask her how she feels about such things - you'll quickly see that you don't/won't belong together. Sorry.

  • skimthesurface

    Quite simply, the Bible says that "Love never fails" (1 Corinthians 13:8). Remind her of this

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