The End of World War 1 was Exactly 100 Years Ago

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  • zeb

    IloveTTATT2..'they obviously thought that the war would have a quick end.' so its seems did the brits and her 'colony' countries. but your posting is excellent as with the others here.

  • steve2

    When you’re wrong about what happened on a specified date, you need to correct it - not because you necessarily want to but because as time passes, it become increasingly obvious you were wrong.

    That, in a nutshell, is the problem JW organization is now facing. And one outcome is the ludicrous “overlapping generation” teaching which, in turn, will need to be corrected.

    It’s a bummer being wrong when you claim to be the sole channel of truth on earth.

  • Diogenesister

    TTATT4UAgust 15th no 16 you have to admit the watchtower were amazingly prescient with that piece.

  • Diogenesister
    Waton Even in the 1950 it was taught that The Great Tribulation had started in the WW1's time, was interrupted in 1918 and would resume again soon, now when the overlap will have lapsed; which means that

    Interesting that they didnt think ww2 a continuation.

    If Watchtower were based in Russia you can bet they would have thought WW2 was definately the GT.

  • waton
    Interesting that they didnt think ww2 a continuation. Ds

    I believe Nathan Knorr did tentatively. When the war drew to an end, a WTalk " Peace can it last ?"contained a trial balloon like that. Wt always had such quasi-prediction phrases, that could later be pointed to as appearing to be prescient. Russia? Particularly for the Jewish people in the east,"The end is here" would have been such a devastating thought.

    the GToverlapping generation” teaching which, in turn, will need to be corrected.S2

    Steve, not until 2075. D Splane mentioned Franz and older "anointed", and from 1992, his death, that will, believe it or not, carry the overlap into the 2070ties.

  • sir82
  • Finkelstein

    The WTS was always about creating hypothetically bullshit based off the bible mainly to attract attention to its literature and aid in circulation of that literature.

    If you were a JWS and critically analyzed those doctrinal expressions (bullshit), you would be pointed out as being spiritually weak and a danger to all other JWS provoking your Disfellowship.

    In this way the WTS controlled its marketing of its publications.

  • Steel

    When I was in grade 12 we had a speaker in our social studies class who was a holocaust survivor.

    He was 5 years old in Belgium and the SS came to his kindergarten and started to pull the pants down of all the little boys looking for circumcised ones. At that time only Jewish boys were snipped. Lucky he was hidden by his teacher because she knew what the police wanted and after his parents died in the death camps she raised him.

    Now I have a son about that age and I think of those children being shipped to the death camps. I also think of those who gave their lives to stop it.

    Yesterday was memorial day in Canada and in the kingdom hall not a word. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Parasites, living off the blood of there hosts.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has never been intellectually honest toward the public, it was more immersed in self serving corruption to sustain its literature circulation and proliferation, if the US government didn't grant the freedom of religious expression in that country, the WTS would have never gotten established, as well the JW religion.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yes the generation that would never pass passing away.

    Yes the generation that would never pass away.....IS DEAD.

    (There, I fixed that for you.)

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