UK - please post names of congregations being disbanded/merged

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  • truthseeker

    Thanks guys, appreciate this.


  • loneranger

    LDC now doing site reviews and analysis in central Florida to consider congregation / Hall consolidations....results probably by year end 2018

  • Diogenesister
    Light Bringer Secondly, as a whole, the UK is 800% more densely populated than the US - even the whole of England EXCLUDING London, is more densely populated than the WHOLE of the US (including New York State, but excluding New Jersey and Rhode Island) - but this means that people in the UK are MUCH LESS willing to travel.

    This makes a whole Lotta sense...I always chuckle to myself when American ExJWs talk about over weight dubs, or the cost of "gas". I've certainly never done field circus in a car in the UK, and imagine its pretty uncomman. Hence British jw's are a pretty slim bunch usually (walking or cycling being one of the few benefits of being a jw in Britain).

    Edited to add: we do drive to meetings, tho.

    Do our Scottish cousins do field service in cars out of interest?

  • freddo

    Frome (pronounced Froom) in Somerset have moved as a complete congregation from Welshmill Lane in Frome (Charity commission shows this as being their address in 2016) to share Midsomer Norton's Kingdom hall in Waterloo Rd, Midsomer Norton. This is 8 miles away.

    The Midsomer Norton address is shown for both congregations on Jborg.

    These congregations are both presently in different circuits and under new arrangements I believe Midsomer Norton is being moved out of its old Avon Circuit.

  • freddo
  • freddo

    The above post shows the Kingdom hall in Raglan (South East Wales) and associated buildings up for sale. (The congregation(s)) meeting there were not named Raglan)

    Property description

    Contact Newland Rennie - Monmouth about Residential development £425,000

    A rare and exciting opportunity to purchase a site with tremendous planning potential within the town of Raglan.

    The site comprises the Meeting Hall, semi detached cottage and a large level area at the rear with a separate access. There is ample space and hard standing areas for parking and turning. Water, electricity and drainage all connected to the Meeting Hall. Kingdom Hall site has the potential of becoming a highly regarded town development.Plans have been drawn providing two semi detached properties, a further semi detached property and a detached 4 bedroom executive home.

    Freddo's comment - I believe this has been sold for property development - it is still there (week before Xmas 2017) and is a bit of a dump which would be ideal for pulling down and building houses.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    A nice chunk of cash for the watchtower.....when are the sheep going to wake up?

  • jookbeard

    my ex wife's former cong Worcester Park was disbanded many years ago and merged with Sutton, my old cong still exists Wimbledon

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Official confirmation - Ardrishaig KH on the west coast of Scotland was sold off 6 months ago and the congregation merged with the Oban congregation.

    Instead of a 6-7 minute drive, the local J.W.'s now have to drive for 1 hour 7 minutes to get to Oban if they want to sit in a KH. Seems they were temporarily provided with a video-link.

    How to encourage and strengthen the flock!

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Just to confirm - my sister attends Anniesland and they were told 3 weeks ago they are merging with Kelvin.
    Anniesland split about 25 years ago and resulted in Kelvin being created - so this reverses that...

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