What Do You Think of Socialism?

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  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Hi Mini! Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society.

    Is the power of society limited or unlimited?

    What do you think, do we have inalienable, individual rights and that society may make only such laws as do not violate these rights? That would make society limited.

    Or, can society make any laws it wishes and force them upon us? That would make society unlimited.

    To be continued by our many different responses to your topic.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Neither Canada nor the Netherlands are socialist. They are capitalist societies that use all their tax money they would have had to spend on national defense on health care because the U.S. mostly funds NATO

    That sounds logical right until you check the numbers and see that USA actually spends a lot more (per capita) on healthcare, and gets much less in return.

    Health care in Canada and NL (and many other countries) doesn't just work because they throw more money at it than USA; quite the opposite. The USA healthcare system fails because it's built on the principles of greed and selfishness. Even if they throw more money at it, the system will stay broken and ineffective.

  • HoodwinkedToo
    I actually grew up in a socialist country, at that time it was known as Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Many of us still wonder how did the comrades in charge manage to generate regular shortages of nearly everything - including toilet paper - despite news (or was it propaganda?) of the country consistently meeting and even overachieving in fulfilling all kinds of plans and quotas! We used to have a saying here: "They pretend they pay us, we pretend we work!" Maybe it's only me, but the way the BORG is now reminds me very much of the last decade of socialism in my country. They (GB) pretend to take care of us, we (PIMO) pretend we obey.
  • LV101

    Some excellent posts - I'm still confused about the healthcare. Canadians' healthcare isn't perfect when they have to come to the US to get on an MRI machine. I'm definitely not saying our healthcare system and the horrific costs are good. Like Minimus said -- we could become a socialist country and we do have many socialist programs already.

  • LV101

    Some interesting stats per the New York Times. Are those verifiable -- sounds about right. We hear these lines but it's hard to believe re/the country and world's wealth. How did that happen in a capitalistic nation.

  • Spoletta


    As I understand it (I hope our Canadian friends will correct me if I'm wrong), serious, life threatening conditions are taken care of quickly, while those that are less severe sometimes have to wait. Those that have money, and don't want to wait, will come to the US.

  • LV101

    Spoletta -- thx. Makes sense! Couple of doctors told us many Canadians come here (they come here regardless to shop, buy vacay homes when market crashes, etc.) because they'd die waiting to get on an MRI/cat scans, etc., in Canada. This was info going around several yrs. ago (Bush era?). The country obviously has adequate equipment today but at one point Canada only had three (3) MRI machines -- well, who knows the facts but it was all over the news. I've also heard Canadians here rave about the healthcare in Canada but they were younger - who knows! We use to have the best medical care.

    What I don't like about our healthcare program -- and most people I know here love it although it's not affordable for many -- if you've A+ insurance the doctors/hospitals see dollar signs and will run every test imaginable. It's scary. They go crazy on the insurance and will run scans and MRIs if you're braindead. I'm sure there's no happy medium.

  • WillYouDFme

    Socialism is bad - that's why we should abolish the:

    Socialist Army we have.
    Socialist Navy we have.
    Socialist Air Force we have.
    Socialist Marines we have.
    Socialist Police Departments we have.
    Socialist Fire Departments we have.
    Socialist First Aid we have.
    Socialist Public Works we have.
    Socialist Public Education we have.
    Socialist Public Libraries we have.
    Socialist Postal Service we have.
    Socialist Garbage Pickup we have.
    Socialist Jail System we have.
    Socialist Museums we have.
    Socialist Public Parks we have.
    Socialist Sewer System we have.
    Socialist Court System we have.
    Socialist FDA, CIA, FBI, CDC, FEMA, OSHA ect. we have.
    Socialist Beaches we have.
    Socialist City Buses and Metro we have.
    Socialist Snow Removal we have.
    Socialist PBS we have.
    Socialist Department of Homeland Security we have.
    Socialist Bridges we have.
    Socialist Highway and Road systems we have.
    Socialist Public Landfills we have.

    EVERYONE SHOULD PAY THEIR OWN WAY! Who needs those "socialist" services anyway!

  • Spoletta

    With the exception of garbage pickup(private companies here), I find your list to be accurate.

  • fulltimestudent

    One definition for a communist state is this - Quote "a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs."

    Which sounds OK, but what if someone does not contribute with their full ability. Australia has a well-developed social welfare system and it's quite apparent that there are welfare 'bludgers' taking advantage of the system. And, even all those with jobs may not give their full energy and ability to the job.

    Maybe some humans are geared to be lazy and thoughtless. An owner of a small business with about 12 employees tells me that he wouldn't mind paying the wages and add-ons he has to, if only all his workers would contribute their full energy, especially when he has tight deadlines to meet.

    Aristotle, in his book called 'Politics,' thought that there was a 'natural slave class' born to be slaves.

    Ancient Greece and Rome were 'slave' economies (and not always very efficient). The slaves effectively got bed and board from their owner who could use them however he wanted ro. Sometimes. I think of those people today who you would not employ, and also those families with 2 or 3 generations on welfare, and wonder if Aristotle was right. ( OK, i know we can pick holes in the theory).

    And, I'll leave the Chinese experience for another post.

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