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  • HiddenPimo

    So I started growing a beard 2 weeks ago and I am making some nice progress. It has been noticed by many in my workplace and they give me great compliments. My skin would get all bumpy from the constant shaving and I am so glad to be done with that form of Cult control.

    Last year (I was PIMO then) I worked in the Video Department at the Regional Convention. There was a brother that had a beard in the Sound Department and I was shocked that this was allowed. It burns me up that this 'non-policy' is left up to individual areas and Cong. or CO opinions. What better way to feel all powerful than to demand allegiance to so man's ego.

    Matthew 23:4-7 4 They fasten heavy loads that are hard to carry and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with their finger.

    5 “They do all their works to be seen by men. They make their Scripture boxes broad and lengthen the tassels on their prayer shawls. 6 They love the places of honor at feasts, and the prominent seats in the synagogues, 7 and greetings in the marketplaces, and being called ‘Rabbi’ by men.

  • Phizzy

    The Instructions for who could be used on a Convention Platform that existed when I was in said " No Beards". anyone not in the public eye with a beard seemed to be O.K.

    Though one guy I knew was told that, though he was the best qualified, he could not be the head of a department for a Convention, but he could work in said dept. under someone else ! and he humbly did !

    It was all a load of outdated nonsense caused by the Org slavishly following Corporate America, and if any kind of anti-beard policy exists now it is even more out of date.

    They want J.W's to look different, and to be looked up to by Society for being "smart and clean cut", how different from Jesus, who simply blended in to a crowd of normal folk and hence evaded capture, "Spot the J.W" in any crowd is a piece of piss. Crazy Cult.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was still fully involved, a recently appointed elder, when I had to move away from my original congregation and relocate. I went to my mother's congregation for awhile as an in-between situation, so they knew I wasn't going to be there for more than 6 to 9 months. They asked me if I would take on some elder assignments and I said "Sure."

    The elder sent to ask me said there was one problem. "Our elder body doesn't allow mustaches." I pictured these men and none of them had a mustache. After a brief pause, I said "Perhaps I better not serve with your elder body." He paused longer than a short while and said "I am just kidding, your mustache will be fine."

    But he may not have been kidding. I think they really didn't like mustaches, and hoped I would shave it. But I think he was instructed to say that he was kidding so that I wouldn't say anything to the C.O. if I balked at their policy.

  • Golden Earring
    Golden Earring

    There is absolutely no basis scriptural or otherwise for restricting or abstaining from growing neatly groomed facial hair. It all falls under the province and personal human rights protocol of the individual in question.

    This guy tried to address many before the Watchtower Society deleted his Google+ page: (

    These are more questions and issues involved with the many far greater, macro issues at hand involving this organization and human rights abuses which I assure you are being addressed!

    There are issues involving marriage and personal relationships, treatment of the mentally ill and disabled, weak and sick, many, many things involving hate crimes and human rights violations all the way around the world and at the UN in formal and informal is more serious than you know!

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara


    Loved the scripture, must make a note of it.

    Reagrding "this 'non-policy' is left up to individual areas and Cong. or CO opinions. What better way to feel all powerful than to demand allegiance to so man's ego."

    I have seen all this too.Why do they then say we are united internationally in word n deed!!....nooooooot!

    Also I dunno if any of you have faced this.but in my cong, brothers were not allowed to wear different jacket with different color trousers.It had to be a fullon one color suit-jacket.This was going back some years ago. I left the cong ,moved to greater need for over a decade.Now I am back (pomo recently till eldumbs come knocking) and what to I see.Those same eldums are wearing uncoordinated suit-jackets. What a flip-flop! I did not query it but do please make up your mind! How is this in any way scripturally backed is beyond me! Any help will be enlightening.


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    This was discussed some time back, just for newbies,here's the link


  • HiddenPimo

    Thank you Zing. I am a newbie so any archived information is great!

  • HiddenPimo
  • The Son
    The Son

    I just laugh about you frustrated sorry people. Seriously... Beards

  • smiddy3

    A couple of times in my 33 years as a JW I started to wear a beard ,the first time a few years after I converted ,I was just a publisher with no position and the PO literally told me to get it off.

    Which I did, reluctantly.

    Years later in a different state and cong. i started to grow one again ,they were a bit more subtle about me getting rid of my beard but again .it came off.

    I have been out since about 1992-3 and have had a beard ever since ,I cant imagine me being without one .

    In the early days 1960`s they said it reflected rebelliousness an the hippy movements ,that was their explanation back then.

    But I could never fathom it .It was a requirement under the law of Judah for men to have a well trimmed beard and Jewish men always had a beard including Jesus .

    Anybody remember Jesus on a torture stake without a beard ? Clean shaven ? in one of their illustrations ?

    And of course the founder of this religion C.T.Russell had a beard and that was no problem back then.,so why is it such a big issue nowadays ?

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