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  • Onager

    Hi again The Son,

    I'm not stalking you across this forum, honest, you've just commented in two threads I've looked in and said something I feel needs to be addressed in both.

    Have you done any research on high control religions and undue influence? You may think that a beard is a minor matter, laughably unimportant even. The path to undue influence of an individual is not just made by one thing though, it's many minor attacks on an individual's autonomy that build up until the result is social control.

    The society controls a person's appearance, their musical taste, their TV watching habits, what they do with their free time, who they are friends with... the list goes on. None of it a major issue, but taken together, it's a great evil.

  • EverApostate

    When I was undergoing Bible study in India, I went to the convention for the first time with a one day beard. At the convention my BS conductor asked me why I wasn’t clean shaven. Hell... I should have recognized this is a tight control cult. But no knowledge about cults then

    When I arrived in USA, I went to the FS without wearing a tie. Immediately the FS conductor gave his spare tie to me and told to wear it.

    Actually in India, nobody wears a tie out in FS and most JW men wont even tuck in their shirts for the meetings, FS and assemblies. It’s a culture thing and also due to poor economic conditions.

  • Giordano

    It is a culture thing to be sure, also a corporate thing and a tribal thing.

    A tough motorcycle gang entertains a wild look.......... a don't mess with us look.

    The two Mormons that knock on your door are wearing clean white shirts and dark pants............ they assume an earnest expression.

    The two JW's that knock at your door look a bit annoyed that you were actually at home. They are clean shaven and look like they are from the 1950's.

    The opening culture of the WTBTS........ Russell and friends........ favored beards not for the sisters of course.

    When Rutherford took over he favored being clean shaven and it became the new policy eventually part of the JW dogma. It is still policy for MS all the way up to the top to be clean shaven.

    Since the Society is a corporation the Society 'encourages' clean shaven, dark suits, starched white shirts and dress shoes. And don't forget plain socks. If you look like you could be employed by IBM you've got the proper look for a JW.

    So the beard issue was generational.

    He was also right about new poster The Son....... it appears to me that T.Son is a bit cranky.....with us. Perhaps our interest in exercising free speech, humor and opinions worth nothing more than a good intention ......... is troubling for someone who is thinking about leaving the WTBTS or is feeling the loss of all that time as a PIMI.

    Physically In...Mentally In.......... wait until you get to be POMO........ that's when it gets to be fun!


    In my Mother’s congregation there were several Servants and some Elders who were removed. The C.O was called in to deal with the terrible threat of these rebellious ones, and new Elders were asked to move in to help in the wake of the scandal.

    Oh, what scandal?? Hint: Those removed were referred to as “The Bearded Rebels.”

    Also, “The Son” is a troll.


  • zeb

    I grew my beard as I got sick of shaving, the bloody neck, the bits i missed,and also a beard looks manly.

    Manly! good grief we cant have brothers looking ...manly..

  • Balaamsass2

    Grew a beard after getting out of the Borg. Much more comfortable and protects some pre-cancer areas from lots of driving in the sun.

    When I served at Bethel in the 70s my mustache and sideburns drove some brothers nuts. GB Dan Sidlick was my table head on weekends and lived down the hall, he reminded me frequently that I couldn't be a tour guide with my mustache..I laughed and said "that's OK I am too busy to take off to give tours"..I said "I was thinking of getting closer to the bible and not shear my locks and beard anyway" with a grin. His wife snorted her coffee.

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