Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault

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  • freddo
    News just released in the UK on the BBC news website.
  • ttdtt
    And Brother Jackson is going to represent him:)
  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    Is he still the pitchman for Pudding Pops?
  • DJS


    I read that. This is the same young lady that he supposedly drugged and raped in 2004. She sought criminal charges sometime afterwards. I read in another news article that the charges were dropped when the Cos agreed to make her a very rich girl. An incentive was the 12 other supposed rape victims lined up to be witnesses in her 2006 trial.

    That article was evidently inaccurate, as the local DA decided not to pursue the case in 2006. So the Cos paid a lot of $$ for the young lady's silence thinking the case had gone away forever. I'm sure the young lady signed her silence for the $ agreement, so it will be interesting to see how this proceeds.

    If anyone has a clearer understanding, please re-direct. What we know now is that there are about 40 women lined up as witnesses rather than the 12 or so in 2006. The Cos would love for this to go away; I would love for this to continue.

    Now if we can get the KY governor to grow a pair and tell the judge to dress Kim Davis back in her orange jumpsuit 2015 would end with a nice little bow.

  • Rattigan350
    " tell the judge to dress Kim Davis back in her orange jumpsuit " Kim Davis is my hero. Doing the right things but for the wrong reasons.
  • DJS


    Long time no smell!!! Glad to have you back, you lovable, right wing fundie you!!!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I remember one time years ago, early '90's going to see Bill Cosby as a family. Expecting a few laughs, entertainment.

    We got just that. But not really a night out for family. A lot of off-coloured ''sexual'' inferrences, not appropriate for some viewers, attendees.

  • slimboyfat
    Good. What sort of rule is statute of limitations anyway?
  • Finkelstein

    It sounds like the case just made it time wise within the Statute of Limitations.

    This may end up being Cosby's definitive end.

    Shocking and disturbing that he got away with doing this very serious and egregious crime under the public's eye

    and the law.

    America's wholesome father image / role model turns out to be a secretive sexual predator, who used drugs and his noted celebrity status to lure woman into sexual acts.

    I think he used and exploited that assumed wholesome pertaining image as vehicle into his behavior as well.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    We thought his records were hilarious, "Chicken Heart" etc. Then we outgrew him. He always came across as a know it all and someone who seemed entitled. Right back at you Cos! Too rich to do time unless they ALL charge him and he goes totally broke trying to plug the holes in the dam.

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