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  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Well, I've been lurking for a bit. First out of cautious curiosity, then, though feeling a bit more comfortable to post, got caught in the confirmation email anomaly, and left unable to post or participate. So I remained lurking, reading and researching. I appreciate much of what I've read here, some of it quite eye opening and sobering, while a small portion may be perhaps a bit far fetched for me. I can say my experience as a JW wasn't a horrible one, though I did experience some things others("worldly people") find hard to fathom. Definitely things that quite a number of you here can relate to, as I have been able to relate to many of your experiences. In talking personally with other exjw's I find that their experiences and traumas, attributed to their tenure as a witness, vary, depending on the congregation they attended, the location they lived, the personalities of the elders, their fellow "Brothers and Sisters", and their own personalities. I feel for those with much more traumatic experiences than I.

    Having recently watched the Leah Remini special on JW's I was pleased to see it presented in such a down to earth way, where it was honest and true to the belief system, but not in a "we've got an axe to grind" sort of way. It was sincere, and I can appreciate that.

    Anyway, it's been endearing reading some of your thoughts and experiences on here. Some very brave souls who have endured some harsh consequences as a result of leaving. Perhaps one day in the near future I will share some of my story. Until then, I will continue to enjoy reading yours and perhaps comment here and there, from the shadows where I feel most comfortable at the moment.

  • steve2

    Good to hear from you Incognito Montoya and glad the technical glitch has been resolved.

  • ToesUp


  • Phoebe

    Hello and welcome!

    I too lurked in the shadows for awhile until I felt brave enough to post something. I have had amazing support from this forum and made many new friends and you will too. I look forward to hearing more from you.


  • stillin

    Welcome, Incognito! We have all sorts here and we do OK.Glad to have you with us!

  • sparky1

    Welcome....lot's to learn here. I hope you stay awhile and contribute to the discussions!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome incognito

    Sounds to me that you have managed to escape the trauma of being rejected and shunned by close friends and family members....at least so far anyway. Are you still involved with the Witnesses or have you made your breakaway?

  • smiddy3

    Welcome I.M.we look forward to hear more from you when your ready.

  • jp1692

    Welcome and congratulations on leaving the JW cult. Life get a better after this!

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Welcome. I was born as a slave also and only now am I getting away from the slave mentality. Congratulations, freedom is wonderful.

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