2016-1-12-BOE--Mentioning Donation Arrangement to Householder!

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  • Atlantis
    "Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry," the "Initial Call" assignment
    directs the student to mention the donation arrangement.

    "Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry," the "Initial Call" assignment
    directs the student to mention the donation arrangement.

    ....................Donate To The WatchTower

    .....................GOD NEEDS THE CASH!


  • Atlantis


    Yep! That's about the size of it!

    If you ever want to laugh at the Watchtower just follow OUTLAW!

    WTUnderground Network!

  • pandorasbox1914
    I remember when it changed from charging to not charging and it was continually stressed that the literature was not free because it cost money to print.

    We were always told to say to the householder that it was without charge, that statement implied at a subconscious level that a contribution should be made!
    Well guess what, to me without charge was the same as free, so not once did I ever say that to someone. If they wanted to contribute that was fine, if not that was also fine.

    Then there was the other statement that always angered me, even if the householder contributes we should contribute as well. Hell no, there was no way I was going to help pay twice, I only paid for my stuff and after a while even that stopped!

    They treated me as if I did not exist, so strangely my money did not exist!
  • bafh

    It has been a long standing practice to mention the donation arrangement at the door - at least that is how it was when they first stopped charging for literature and went to a donation basis - we were instructed to mention it at every door, and with every visit.

    The "we don't take collections or pass the plate, we just ask for donations at the door and hound you with accounting "reports" " dance has been long standing.

  • scary21
    Atlantis, the dislike was a boo boo, I like Outlaws posts.
  • Atlantis


    Me too!


  • Bruisedandbleeding12
    More money........sorry......ran out WT........
  • jookbeard
    you can just see the householders queuing down the street with their cash wanting to donate
  • stuckinarut2

    And yet the bible precedent was that Jehovah would provide.

    In Moses day, they did not have to continually solicit or beg for funds, the people gave more than enough and were told to stop contributing.

    Even CT Russel said that if God stops providing the funds, then the watchtower would no longer be printed.... He said "we would NEVER beg nor solicit for funds"

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