If the WT is a "money making machine"...who gets the money?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Yes they did rent out some of the apartments to non JW's. When we were there we lived in what is called an out building meaning it was not connected to the tunnel system. In our building we had about 1/4 who were not JW's. Granted it was a small building but still and there were many out buildings in the Heights that they owned.


  • midnight

    I would be interested in reading the request by an African brother to his government for assistance , I assumed the money was used in poorer areas I don't "know " it is I just guessed I'm currently applying critical thought to my beliefs, so any info appreciated .

  • NikL

    Well scratchme1010...

    I get the impression that it seems far fetch to you, that some people in the GB or their higher ups may be wealthy.

    No not far fetched. Just that it's done in a way I have never seen before if they are.

    What are your thoughts?

    Don't really have any beyond the ones previously posted. Consider me on a voyage of discovery. I am accumulating information for my own edification.

    what would be an alternative reason?

    Like I said, I really don't know where I stand on this but, if they truly believe that the machine is from god and they worship that machine, then it stands to reason that they would give all and do all to support the machine.

    @John Free

    I want to go into the translation biz! Nice place!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I don't know. . . I don't think the WT is really a "money making machine" but a fundamentalist doomsday cult that has just happened to amass wealth by taking financial advantage of its gullible followers. Hell, they abuse people emotionally, spiritually, etc. . . . . why not financially?

    I think these wackos at the top really think that the "riches" they've amassed are for Jehovah. . . no one really directly benefits from the money/real estate, other than having all of life's necessities -- and a few nice perks -- provided for them.

  • em1913

    Longtime reader, first time poster here...

    I noticed this thread after spending some time reading transcripts of WTBTS court cases, which contain interesting information on the Society's finances. In the 1918 sedition trial, A. H. MacMillan testified that when Russell died in 1916 his personal safe contained over $90,000 in cash. That's his *personal* safe, not the WTBTS safe, his own safe in his personal quarters. $90,000 in cash in 1916 is over $2 million in today's money. The Society tried to portray itself as a humble, hand-to-mouth,making-best-use-of-every-penny operation, but the Pastor's safe told a different story.

    Another interesting bit of information turned up in the case of WTBTS vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, in the mid-1940s, during which either Suiter or Van Amburgh -- I forget who -- testified that N. H. Knorr had a $25,000 a year personal "drawing account" which was his for any purpose he required. Drawing the money required only his own signature, and no one else could question his use of the funds. $25,000 a year in 1945 is over $300,000 a year in today's money, which isn't much by modern CEO standards, but still a very good living.

    It would be interesting to know what sort of "personal drawing account" is available for the members of today's GB. As the Judge once said, "Boys, always go first class."

  • Finkelstein

    Pretty much all religions are a money making machine they have diverse ways of cultivating that money, tithing, donations of money, real estate properties, wills or now the monthly Congregational set donations.

    The WTS has been very secretive to its wealth in the eyes of the JWS members and will at times slip a deceiving tactic like they did recently when they proclaimed they couldn't afford Special pioneers anymore.

    Yet the WTS has recently sold many of its branches around the world and prominently its holdings in Brooklyn New York to a tune of over two billion dollars. $$$

    So the WTS will continue on this deception to suit their own wants and desires.

  • OrphanCrow

    Em1913...good background information.

    The myth of the "poor Pastor", et al, has been circulated for so long that people just accept it.

    And don't forget the gold mine. The one that Rutherford used to finance the 1919 "chosen by Jesus" fiasco.

  • joe134cd
    Where is it proven that the GB live in humble conditions

    Here is your proof at the 16min mark https://youtu.be/hdeshrQya1Q

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver


    I do know up in Patterson, each GB member does have a room up there because they have to teach classes enough so they keep some personal items up in Patterson as well. But those rooms were guests rooms when the GB member was not using them. There was an addition to the closet, that was locked off so you couldn't go through their clothes, but the furnishings and finishes were just as any other guest room.

  • sparrowdown

    Ooo Susan gaskin's friend said so so it must be true.

    Can we all have milkshakes and watch Justin Bieber videos now.

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