Do They Still do Door-to-Door as Much as Before?

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @pale.emperor If the staff were doing that, the business would be moving along with the same speed as the WT organization.


  • jookbeard

    P.E, a very good friend of mine when he was a pioneer used to head out at some ridiculously early time to witness to 24 hour filling station workers either by giving them a leaflet or a rag, seeing that 99.9% of London filling station workers are from the Indian subcontinent it can be guaranteed that not only do these guys have no idea who the hell these mad guys talking to them at three in the morning are even more certain that the placements will be slung in the trash,he was counting his time from say three in the morning and closing the same day after a meeting where he would have given talks etc or spoke with his studies in the KH etc thats about 19 hours for the day, he always used to get his time in easily.

  • Phizzy

    In my area, in the Southern part of England, DtoD has dropped off significantly, I observe all visits in my immediate neighbourhood, and JW's used to be here in a group every three months,and doing RV's/NH's the next week or two.

    Now they come here once a year. Some friends moved in down the road, but in the next Congregations patch, some two years ago, they got one leaflet through the door in that time, nobody rang the door bell.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    My experience is that there are still arrangements, people still turn up but an hour's half-hearted lip service is all that is done. The morning starts OK but at some point, there is a meeting on the pavement, Someone (usually me) mentions coffee and the rush back to the cars begins.

    Our cong has the first Saturday in the month FS from the KH. It is well attended but my wife and I always tun up and then clear off and do something else. On the last one, a group of us just went to the coffee house and sat enjoying the morning. We had a great morning, I love being subversive.

  • ttdtt
    So many people just drive around to calls that wont be home over and over waiting to get to their favorite Coffee shop.
  • snugglebunny
    My ex-mother in law has this down to an art form. She gets out there at 7am, hands a crumpled leaflet to Mr Rashid at the corner shop who promptly bins them because he's just being polite. Then goes back home, handing another leaflet to any passer by, has her breakfast, goes to the group study, out on the ministry again at 10am and, apparently, that means she's been on the ministry for 3 hours already before she's even knocked on a door.

    My almost MIL did the same thing but would also offer her mag-route calls baby clothes and the like for a"small contribution"!

  • redvip2000
    Cart witnessing has been an absolute disaster from start to finish, because it's totally ineffective for making converts and totally demoralising as a JW. On top of that it's got a lot of JWs out of the habit of regular door to door preaching, which they may never return to.

    Very true. And by the way, there is also the aspect of cart Jdrones being an easy target for apostates. I've noticed an increase in the amount of Youtube videos of Jdrones being confronted during cart assignment. Though most of these apostates have a really poor strategy and mostly harass them, which is stupid. But I have seen a few that do a good job at reasoning with them.

    I'm actually going to recommend a series of videos. If you go to Youtube and search for "studies with Jehovah Witnesses", you will find a series of videos where an Atheist agrees to having a study with Jdrones, and then records each study as they come over every week. He really does a good job at challenging them, and many times leaves the Jdrones speachless, without argument.

  • ozbrad

    In the 6 years I've been here they've knocked twice. Had a leaflet in the mailbox this week inviting me to a convention 200 miles away.

  • freddo

    Round my way, as Slidin Fast says "the morning starts well but after the first half hour ..." (I paraphrase)


    The Pioneers and their "spiritual" friends man a trolley three times a week or soon disappear to do "calls" only to surface at the coffee stop which is typically an hour after they have met and left the meeting for field service.

    Any other "average" publisher that turns up and who hasn't tagged along with the group above will struggle through about 45 minutes of first call before hitting the coffee stop.

    After 30 mins to 45 mins of coffee the keeners go off to their trolley stint or a bible study with some needy/lonely/vulnerable/simpleton (any or all of these) or "calls" on some kindly/tolerant/lonely route call. (If they are NH it is a bonus because they can "try" a few more times in the coming weeks before stuffing a magazine through the letter box with a note)

    The "also rans" just mumble about doing a call on the way home and disappear.

    Saturday Mornings:

    As above with less of the keeners (who are on trolleys/metropolitan trolleys or not out) and more "averages"/"also rans"/"bottom feeders" who traipse around ineffectively - occasionally with an elder driving by to ask "do you need more territory?".

    Some will show up at the coffee stop which dissipates about 30 minutes to an hour later.

    Sundays - virtually non existent (except Metro shifts)


  • cofty
    occasionally with an elder driving by to ask "do you need more territory?"

    Ha so true!

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