Do They Still do Door-to-Door as Much as Before?

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  • cofty

    Since the advent of the trolleys do the majority of JWs still go door to door like we used to?

    Do they still have meetings for field service on Sat mornings and Sun afternoons where most head off to the local territory while one or two go to do trolley work or has the importance of door to door work reduced?

    With the reduction of printing WTs and Awakes what will they offer at the doors?

  • slimboyfat

    Logically they can't be doing as much door to door work as before. Because each congregation runs one or two carts for around 30 hours a week, two publishers on each. That's a lot of hours. And yet the overall hours reported has not increased by very much in recent years. So therefore that's a lot less hours spent on the doors.

    Cart witnessing has been an absolute disaster from start to finish, because it's totally ineffective for making converts and totally demoralising as a JW. On top of that it's got a lot of JWs out of the habit of regular door to door preaching, which they may never return to.

    It's just one small but significant part in the larger story of Watchtower's current crisis/collapse

  • cofty

    I often see 4 or even 6 JWs standing in the vicinity of a cart. Total waste of time!

    Even when you go up and take a magazine off the trolley it's like none of them want to be the one who has to talk to anybody.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    That's a good question. We moved to a new-old house back at the end of January this year. We found out about 3 months later we was only 2 blocks from a KH. You would think every other week they would be knocking at our door. Not one yet, Zero, Narda. Working for our local bus system I only saw witnesses once and they was working a cart in down town Jamestown. This is a double hall mind you. You would think we would get at lease a pamphlet in our door. It appears maybe not as much. Still Totally ADD

  • Darkknight757

    They still come by quite regularly in my neighborhood and the congregation that works the territory is a small one with a lot of old people.

    I think the majority of dubs in our area don’t like the carts so much because they still want to converse with people, even if it’s just about sports or the weather.

    Going forward it seems as if they are going to try to make short returns on the few that show interest and leave them with a biblical thought perhaps. Its funny because before I left the emphasis wasn’t on placing literature, but having conversations with the people.

    Thankfully the organization has dumbed these people to the point that doorstep conversations with people are going to be next to impossible for the average dub. They rely too much on “simplified” literature to speak for them. This idea of having conversations isn’t going to go well.

  • ShirleyW

    Last year I saw some sub Dubs in the same area a few times knocking on some doors. Sometimes I'll see them, three or four walking down the street in my nabe like they're on the way to their territory, though not as often as I used to see them.

  • careful

    I recently moved from one community where I lived for two years. They operated a cart at the center of town on certain days. In those two years they came by my home at least 5 times, leaving tracts/invitations 4 times and catching me home once. A sister with her tablet in hand gave me a tract and invited me to a meeting. There was no attempt to engage me in a real conversation, and no passage of scripture was offered. Anyway, it seems they are still "covering the territory" door-to-door wise. That phrase, BTW, is still in use, as is seen in the letter to circuit overseers about merging congs that was posted two days ago here:

    So it looks like the old D2D work is still on. Whether it is "as much as before" or not, who knows?

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    I see trolleys everywhere. And I mean everywhere: festivals, farmer's markets, popular hiking trailheads, shopping center, parks, theme parks, main streets of small tourist towns, etcetera. If so many people are doing the carts, then the D2D preaching must be reduced
  • suavojr

    Cofty said:

    I often see 4 or even 6 JWs standing in the vicinity of a cart. Total waste of time!

    Even when you go up and take a magazine off the trolley it's like none of them want to be the one who has to talk to anybody.

    If you get a magazine or any other literature and no one talks, then they are not following the rules from the organization. They are instructed to talk with the people who show some interest.

    But maybe, they distributed your picture as an evil and dangerous apostate Cofty 😉

  • atomant

    They knock on my door about once a year.Last time l said lm not interested in attending the memorial anymore as l have my own set beliefs.She asked if it had anything to do with the Australian royal commission.l said you really need to heavily investigate the truth with an open mind and then get back to me and then we can talk once you have the facts.She never came back.

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