Christian or Atheists?

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  • Skipper254

    In my brief time on this site, I've come to realize that most people who have been shunned or stray away from the Jehovah witnesses normally end up having no faith at all. My curiosity has led me to the conclusion that the GB has created more Atheists than believers......

  • nicolaou

    The Governing Body take no credit for my atheism. That's a proud achievement I did for myself with the help of many knowledgeable posters on this very forum.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The GB are certainly helpful in leading some to atheism but the state of world affairs says a bunch more about "where is god" when his children are suffering, starving, and dying of horrible diseases?

    Certainly makes me wonder!

    just saying!

  • Phizzy

    The problem that the G.B have is when people leave JW Org they feel free to question everything. Straight away most realize that all JW unique doctrines are rubbish, even if you only use the bible as a Yardstick.

    From there it is a short step to questioning ALL religious belief, and next, examining the likelihood of the existence of a god.

    It makes all kinds of rational sense to be "without god", i.e an Atheist, to stop short of this conclusion is both irrational and deluded.

  • redvip2000
    The problem that the G.B have is when people leave JW Org they feel free to question everything.


  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes, and if the only true religion is wrong, how can any be right?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I disagree with the OP coz although I am POMO (limbo till the day fo eldumbs coming round),I personally do not feel the urge to run from one shackles to another one. I really do not have any need to jump quickly from one cell onto another cell . The Gar Bage did not have any influence in my joining the cult .

    First of all the shackles of the Bible I am deeply finding disturbing. For eg

    Genesis 19:8 “See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish; only do nothing to these men, since this is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.”

    Leviticus 25:44,45 And as for your male and female slaves whom you may have — from the nations that are around you, from them you may buy male and female slaves. Moreover you may buy the children of the strangers who dwell among you, and their families who are with you, which they beget in your land; and they shall become your property. (human trafficking of children??? ) Its disgraceful enough if it is adults anyway IMHO !

    1 Peter 2:18 Servants, be submissive to your masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the harsh.

    These are a few things. Religions has been made to control others in some form or another. I can live without bringing god into my life.I dont dwell on why /How I got here but rather on how make my life count into helping all beings live peacefully alongside each other and if I can contribute in any way, I surely do !

    I do it my Way!

    Sorry its long.


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Carl Sagan put it well: '. . . if by "God" one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying . . . it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.'


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Richard Dawkins wrote in his book The God Delusion: The metaphorical or pantheistic God of the physicists is light years away from the interventionist, miraclewreaking, thought-reading, sin-punishing, prayer-answering God of the Bible, of priests, mullahs and rabbis, and of ordinary language. Deliberately to confuse the two is, in my opinion, an act of intellectual high treason.

    Now coz of reading this book do not consider me an athiest/ theist/deist. I cannot be shackled with any belief !


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Moreover there is not just the two sides as OP puts out :CHRISTIANITY OR ATHIEST. Once you start diving deeper into information, there is no end of things to discover, learn,and perhaps some of yo wish to conclude therby believing /non-believing ; it is entirely ones opinion.


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