What Do You Think About Home Schooling?

by minimus 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • FedUpJW

    How were these kids prepared to face the world when they had to go to work?


    Work? The ones I knew never worked a day in their lives. Their "work" consisted of going to the local welfare office to file for disability, or collecting food stamps; then complaining to the better educated JW's and whining until they were able to guilt a few gullible others into giving them $$$ handouts or material goods. No jobs, no savings, no insurance. My father, elder that he was, referred to them in private as, "The professional sick, lame, and lazy!"

  • carla

    I agree that in many religious zealots who attempt to home school fail miserably. The ones I spoke about were not in that category.

    As for jw's home schooling, well, didn't they say reading the awakes, wt's and their other literature was equal to a college education at one time? I think that says it all.

  • shadowclone

    Perhaps these anecdotal comments could be consolidated for inclusion in a submission to some peer-reviewed literature. The rigorous scholarship displayed here surely deserves publication!

    We home-schooled our children who were academically well ahead of their publicly schooled peers. I personally have a graduate degree and enrolled in the program while an elder. Of course, we don't fit the venomous narrative of many commenters here so you will want to exclude us from the dataset your comments are based on. 🤮🤮🤮

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I guess it depends who's doing the home schooling.

    But home schooling could be good - there is a situation across America with kids being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory. Home schooling might be a good choice to stop this happening to your kid.

  • minimus

    Unfortunately a lot of parents have so much on their plate. They are tired.

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