What Do You Think About Home Schooling?

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  • truth_b_known

    Where I grew up there was -

    Government run school (aka "Public School")

    Charter Schools (funded by taxpayers as an alternative to the government run school)

    Independent studies (You are enrolled in a government run school. Work is done at home. Tests taken on campus once a week.)

    Home Schooling (this is where mom, dad, or both are teaching their children)

    My next door neighbors home school their kids up to high school. Then they send their kids to government run school. Mom holds a degree in education and is certified to teach in government run school. I see how that would work well.

    With my own children I saw indoctrination at an early age - kindergarten. Starting in kindergarten the students are indoctrinated by the teachers and faculty that all students attend a University. Each grade had to learn a different University fight song and sing those songs at schoolwide assemblies.

    My middle son would tell me that he was going to attend a prestigious University. I head this every year. Finally, when he was in the 5th grade I asked him: "Who is going to pay the $200,000.00 so you can attend that college?" My son was stunned speechless. I asked my son to ask his teachers if they would pay the tuition. My son never again brought up going to that college.

    That is just one example of indoctrination that government run education imposes on our children. Fortunately my wife and I encourage critical thinking with our children. Our children usually see the truth of things.

  • TD

    Twenty years ago, I was pretty neutral about it.

    Today after seeing the results, I think more than a few of these children were done a disservice by their parents.

    We're talking adults who don't know who Shakespeare was, can't find Australia on a map, have zero knowledge of applied mathematics, don't have a good command of their own native tongue, etc, etc, etc....

  • minimus

    I agree that if the parents aren’t qualified, it’s not helping the children. My mother was a very good teacher. I went to public schools but my mother had the gift to help people through Bible studies and even was made a Book Study conductor when not enough males qualified. If she were a homeschool teacher back in the day I believe she would have been a good teacher. But not everyone is a good teacher.

  • mickbobcat

    It depends on the parents. If they are lazy and do not make it a job every day its worthless. Some who can keep up with it its a great alternative to the shit pit of public schools the left has created.

  • Incognito

    If schools continued to teach the three 'R's and assist to instill a work ethic as well as pride, teamwork and self confidence, then there would be little reason to consider other options.

    Now, schools do not teach writing skills or even correct spelling. Math errors are not corrected but everyone receives a passing grade since it would be demeaning to be graded less than peers even as the critical race crap teaches the 'White' race is privileged and the reason for world problems. If your child is white, he/she is now being taught they must atone for being white and for the actions of their ancestors.

    With regard to teachers as 'professionals', in my experience knowing numerous teachers, some of which are family members, 'professional' is not the word I would use broadly.

    While most take pride in their profession and attempt to do what is best for their students, some consider teaching as only an assured paycheck even while receiving greater than average vacation time compared to most other professions. These ones refuse to enhance their qualifications or abilities during school breaks, and will not provide additional assistance to students after hours but instead make it habit to depart school as early as possible once the required hours have concluded each day.

    I have also seen them attempt to justify the 2-months summer break + Christmas & Spring break as well earned and a perk to the job, and moan and whine when they are required to setup their classroom in the final week before school returns each fall, and when forced to participate in Meet the Parent night or to prepare grading for each student's performance which is typically prepared after teaching hours.

    Public school teachers are often begrudgingly required to teach subjects they have no training in so they purchase teaching guides and will often do the minimum necessary so as to satisfy minimum content requirements.

    In listening to stories on how they demeaningly treat some students, if believed, borders on abuse.

    If I was a parent of a school aged child, I would be considering gathering a group of like minded concerned parents, to demand our share of tax money to be reallocated to a private school of our choice, where the faculty is accountable to us as parents instead of pencil necked beurocrats that dictate what is taught without regard to parent expectations or providing skills needed for each child's future.

  • minimus

    Instead of teaching the basics, kids learn about sexuality, political correctness and being sensitive. Kids today have meltdowns because they are easily offended and hurt. It’s sad to see what is happening.

  • TD

    I think it's complicated.

    Children tend to build up a wall where their parents are concerned. These are the people who have wheedled, cajoled, lectured, nagged, and yelled (As the case may be) since we could walk and it is human nature to start to tune that out after awhile.

    The people I know who were home schooled are not stupid and neither were there parents. The parents just couldn't get through to them apparently.

    A virtual stranger starts off with a clean slate and that can be an advantage. I had good teachers and bad teachers just like my children did, but the good ones we remember for the rest of our lives. It was a kindly Mormon biology teacher who explained to me what a load of shit the JW reasoning on transfusion was and that was huge

  • Jeffro

    It can be done well, with a certain degree of dedication. But home schooling is often done for bad reasons by parents who are entirely unqualified, however well-intentioned.

  • minimus

    You say it’s often done for bad reasons….like what?

  • Jeffro

    Religious fundamentalists, new age nutters, ‘sovereign citizens’. Things like that.

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