What Do You Think About Home Schooling?

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  • shadowclone

    True, but also to avoid violence, bullying, drugs, incompetent teachers

  • WTWizard

    Home schooling can be way more effective than the Rockefeller agenda based public schools, but it takes a lot of work to make it that way. The public "education(??)" system, besides requiring masks and those torture shots (where there is one available for children of that age), teaches that white people need to be exterminated instead of the basics. They also make math into something tedious instead of fun.

    But, with home schooling, you need a lot of resources. Most jokehovians and xian nut jobs teach that book of bad luck and curses as if it were the most important thing in the universe, which is just as bad as teaching people to despise and destroy the white race or that math is something to be avoided. There are many things a school has that most parents don't, even with the Internet available. Class trips that do not involve some religious building? A/V material? Things like chalkboards that most teachers take for granted? And not to mention the time--you are looking at 6 hours a day, plus time to prepare and correct tests.

    Not to mention the environment. I can remember as well the disruptions as the lessons in school, and I cannot find too many of them online. Remember those fire drills? What about that small group of people pitching pennies during study hall, talking out of turn, the mis-sung songs during music class, the occasional food fight, or when the video equipment conks out during a video? At home, there is less room to improvise. Or, what about someone dropping and breaking that ceramic pig that we were supposed to make drawings based on? Again, part of school is to improvise--incidents like those can teach people to innovate. Where is that in home school?

  • Biahi

    Remember the Turpin kids? They were home schooled. To their detriment.

  • FFGhost

    By far, it's not even close, the most thoroughly mentally and emotionally stunted JWs I have known were invariably home-schooled.

    I know that's a pretty unrepresentative sample, but personally it always give me pause when thinking about it in general.

    It could probably work well with fully involved dedicated parents who value "education" rather than "Watchtower's version of education",

  • Biahi

    That’s why there should be some oversight by the state, to check on the progress of the kids. A worldly mom I know home schooled her 4 kids up to high school, with only a HS diploma herself. Her kids knew NO math except simple addition and subtraction. She was a good, loving mom, but not a teacher.

  • WingCommander

    All the home schooled JW's I saw around were complete social retards who could barely read or form complete sentences. I'm talking jaw-dropping stupidity.

  • zachias

    I will put a few thoughts here.

    Take ill educated parents who work in non stimulating jobs or in pt jobs as they have then time to pioneer.

    The home is forever under financial stress. Their one loyalty is to the GB and setting proper classes in a range of topics is an impossible ask given the above.

    Perhaps they wont even have a computer because the gb say their is porn and evils on the internet so no computer and that most useful tool of learning is denied. It will be most likely too be a home with no other books or periodicals to be seen.

    Hold over it all that the wts says the world is bad (ad nauseum)and here is a nest from where kids are expected to learn and thrive?

    But wait they will not be expected to get jobs. They will not be expected to advance. Just earn enough (cleaning windows) so you can pioneer..

    and on its goes.

    Sadly the least capable of parents are it seems in my experience the biggest supporters of home schooling.

    and as the "wing commander" has said (see above) the results are kids becoming adults "who could barely read or form complete sentences", and further in my lifes experience will be at least two years behind their peers in social development and general knowledge.

  • FedUpJW

    We're talking adults who don't know who Shakespeare was, can't find Australia on a map, have zero knowledge of applied mathematics, don't have a good command of their own native tongue, etc, etc, etc....

    I wonder where those parents got their education?

    And as much as many will hate to read it, I have noticed a lot of people, even here, that cannot understand the difference between there, their, they're; or two, to, too. And they were not home schooled.

  • LongHairGal


    Unfortunately, the education system in the US was watered down decades ago.

    This is the reason that spelling and general grammar have gone down the tubes. Even people who have gone to college make the common mistakes you have pointed out. I’m embarrassed for them.

    But, as far as home schooling, they would be worse off! I am in agreement with most of the negative comments on this thread. Most see it as an abysmal failure especially with regard to the Witnesses..In my life, I have seen only two examples of successful home schooling. One was by a Witness who was college educated who made sure she did it right and the other was a non-JW professional who didn’t want his daughter subjected to the liberal garbage in the state he resided in.

    All the rest of the examples of home schooling generally turned out painfully ignorant children. I was appalled at the level of ignorance among JWs and to be honest I couldn’t stand being around certain ones among them.

    The only exceptions to the rule were those who were not raised in the JW religion and/or had a normal public or parochial school education under their belt along with practical life skills, and the knowledge from a secular job!

  • DesirousOfChange

    the most thoroughly mentally and emotionally stunted JWs I have known were invariably home-schooled.~ FFGhost

    All the home schooled JW's I saw around were complete social retards who could barely read or form complete sentences. I'm talking jaw-dropping stupidity. ~ WingCommander

    Sadly, that's what I saw as well. The JW parents really did NO home schooling. Pioneering was "field trips". Reading was from the Awake! magazine (which is equal to getting a four-year degree). It was "pretend schooling".

    Most claimed it was to keep their kids out of the cesspool of worldly kids. How were these kids prepared to face the world when they had to go to work? They had NO useful social skills.

    The ones I know who were home schooled are failures in society. (But the New World will fix all of that real, real soon!)

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