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  • Dval

    Hi. I'm new here. This is my first post. I'm still a JW but am inactive. Im struggling with the fact that I agree with some of the doctrines (I,e, the stance on the trinity, there is no hell) but I disagree with a lot of things (I,e, men can't have beards, women have to wear skirts). How do you reconcile this, or do you? I'm so confused and don't know what to do. I want to know God, but I don't know if I'm coming or going any more.

  • humbled

    Welcome Dval. So many of us have been in the situation you are in. Here it is safe to breathe and to say just what you have said.:

    I m struggling with the fact that I agree with some of the doctrines (I,e, the stance on the trinity, there is no hell) but I disagree with a lot of things

    If you have lurked long then you know that we kick these ideas around. We treat WT teachings as though they are debatable. We allow ourselves the same right to examine doctrines as the guys at Bethel allow themselves. After all, they have admitted that they are not infallible and well we know: they have changed major teachings over the years when it suited them yet we are disfellowshiped for questioning or researching doctrines for ourselves.

    You say:

    I want to know God, but I don't know if I'm coming or going any more.

    And this you must allow yourself the time and space to search out. This is where you get to discover what sits right with yourself.

    Take it easy . And again, welcome.

  • Crazyguy

    Do your own research that’s what I did. In Luke jesus talks about hell. And there are plenty of scriptures that state there is a trinity. No I’m not saying this is accurate and the JWs got it wrong but when you do some research one can see how Christians believe these two doctrines. What I have found is an evolution in the Bible. What Christians believed in let’s say 150 or 200 AD was different then what they were taught let’s say after 325 AD. The Bible reflects this in its writings that were not necessarily in stone during these times and many changes were made over the centuries.

    Anyway welcome to this forum and I would suggest you go back to threads started about ten years ago. JWs posting back then were really more into and knowledgeable about the Bible.

    As for your next comments about JW rules your so correct these are man made rules not found in the Bible. Ask yourself would Jesus tell people to do and act the way JWs are told to by their leaders? Again welcome!

  • MrRoboto

    Welcome Dval,

    Most of us here have been where you are now so we can definitely relate.

    The organization has been changing alot the least few years, if you have not attended regularly even for the past 2-5 years, you will not recognize the org.

    That said, this is considered by the governing body and elders to be an apostate site but that doesn't mean we're mentally diseased or satan incarnate. However, most of us have not been able to reconcile the things you mentioned.

    The only thing I can really say about your other questions is to recommend that you read the 4 gospel accounts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Pay very close attention to what Jesus says and to the resurrection/tomb accounts. If you can make it a point to do all four books in a week's time or maybe 2 weeks (take notes though) you will likely learn more about Jehovahs Witnesses and about God than you can imagine.

    I hope your journey serves you well.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Hi, and welcome!

    There's only something to reconcile for those who believe everything JW say is The Truth, isn't it?

    Once you accept that maybe some JW rules or doctrines aren't right at all, you can allow yourself to form and hold your own beliefs without fear.

    At any given time in history, were all JW rules and doctrines correct? Surely not, as many things have been revised through 'new understanding'.

    I'm quite sure JW will continue to publish 'new understanding', don't you think so too? Logically that means at least some current JW rules and policies are wrong today, which might mean your own viewpoint is the correct one.

    Why be afraid of your own mind and viewpoints if they may be more correct than current JW beliefs?

    Anyway, the way forward is research, research, research. And not just from JW literature either. The JW writing dept. uses a lot of sources like commentaries on the Bible, encyclopedias, and books by non-JW writers, and you are allowed to do the same. It's even the smart thing to do!

    Good luck!

  • freddo

    Sometimes Dval, what holds us to our religious faith is fear. The conundrum "Where else shall I go (to get everlasting life)?" (misquote of John 6:68)

    And the doctrine of the GB being the Faithful and District Slave (a twisting and misuse of Matt. 24:45-47) also holds people captive.)

    For me realising that you can go direct to Jesus and that Matt. 24:45-47 is a parable and even then is simply a question, was mentally freeing.

    The next problem is being physically free - as in a stated belief that the governing body are wrong will likely alienate you from remaining jw family and friends and likely get you disfellowshipped. We can help you through this minefield too.

    Many here on this forum are atheist, many agnostic, a few find another church and some keep a personal belief in God, Jesus and personal salvation and cut out the middle man of the leadership of JW's and go direct.

    Welcome and ask away!

  • doubtfull1799
    Welcome Dval, your feelings are perfectly natural. Religion/the Bible is a confusing mess - it is virtually impossible to come to know "God" in the sense of knowing the truth about him and what he wants (people can only come to know God in the sense of their personal feelings and interpretatons about what he must be, based on an inner intuition and this is a highly unreliable method of coming to any good conclusions) because he had not communicated in any clear direct fashion. May I suggest before you get yourself tied up in knots about which doctrines and true or not get back to basics and do some research on whether the Bible itself is truly inspired as per the JW worldview. Study its history, the formation of the Bible canon etc from a historical perspective rather than a religious one and I'm sure it will open your eyes. A good place to start is here:
  • smiddy3

    I add my welcome to you also Dval on this site you can ask anything you like and state anything you like (within reason) and while some people may agree and disagree with you you will not be shunned.

    This is an excellent site to ask questions and many people here are more than qualified to give you an informed logical answer.

    Take care

  • pale.emperor

    Hello and welcome Dval!

    I was in your place exactly myself a few years ago. For a long time I went along with the religion but had my own personal interpretation of some scriptures while I still believed other JW things. It's actually ok to do that as long as you don't go spreading "your ideas" around the KH.

    I found it very beneficial to take a break from meetings and ministry and JW. org and allow myself the time read the bible on my own without literature. Start with the New Testament. Anything you don't understand, highlight it and when you get to the end of the chapter research it from MULTIPLE sources (that bit is important). Biblehub is good and if you google "bible research" lots of great websites are available.

    Your beliefs should be based on what YOU understand from YOUR studies. Not something someone else has told you to believe.

    A persons religion is a very personal thing. It's supposed to be uplifting, refreshing and exciting. I didn't experience that as a JW and many still don't.

    Enjoy your studies. is THE BEST place to start. It's all Watchtower literature so can't be considered apostasy.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome to the forum DVAL. I hope you stay around and share in the discussions.

    I've sent you a PM. Take your time and and honestly test the org's "inspired expressions" to see "if they originate with God."

    Sure, the org has identified some Bible truths - but so has every other Christian denomination. But telling some truths while corrupting them with numerous major lies does not qualify JW's to claim they are "God's people" and the only "true religion."

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