Believers - You need a new revelation to explain this!

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    It's been quite a while since I've visited this board, but I see the grist hasn't changed much in the mill. Still a lot of "I can prove your theory is wrong, so that proves my theory is right!" thinking. But hey, the truth is out there! Somewhere! So carry on!

  • donkey
    Still a lot of "I can prove your theory is wrong, so that proves my theory is right!" thinking.

    Actually, that is not how I see it. Evolutionary theory, and science generally, do not disprove the supernatural God of Judeo-Christianity. Evolution does undermine some of the important arguments that have been put forward for the existence of God. Evolution is no more atheistic than is medicine. Both fields exclude supernatural interventions in explaining the phenomena that they investigate. For example you wouldn't expect your doctor to say "We stopped researching your disease because we believe it's a curse for having displeased God, so your only treatment is repentance."

    I personally happen to be an atheist IN ADDITION to seeing the facts science has unveiled regarding evolution. If revelation of alternate comes about I am quite willing to change my views, something quite unlike believers who completely ignore all evidence in favor of faith.

  • Shakita

    I find this very interesting....

    Only female monkeys show this pique, the researchers found. Males were much less sensitive to inequality. Their minds may have been on other things, says Janson: "Males care about sex, and females care about food. The males might not consider the food differences worth worrying about."

    Koko, the Gorilla, has a vocabulary of about 1,000 words and has been communicating with humans for over 25 years now. There is a lot to learn yet from our hairy friends, I think.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • alfie

    Holy Cow, are you guys ever behind the times. Of course Simians are able to do these things herein discussed and more. Not only that, there has already been a movie AND several sequels proving this. If you want to know more, just check out Charelton Heston's website and/or that of the late Roddy Mcdowell.



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