Believers - You need a new revelation to explain this!

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  • shotgun

    Littletoe what you asked actually took place

    Now, I'd be impressed if they made an idol, appeared to worship at it,and left food offerings that the whole group left as sacred

    It happened twice...The first group of monkeys worshipped C.T Russell and the second group worshipped J.F Rutherford

    Actually Rutherford was a babboon not a chimp.

  • donkey

    For those who claim no evidence of evolution I would cite just one piece of evidence: Genomic mapping and sequencing. If you read pre-genomic writings regarding natural selection and understand what evolution is really about – not some creationist spin like “humans evolved from apes” you come to appreciate that all living organisms today share a set of common ancestors (not that the current living things evolved from other current living things).

    Now that is absurd and there is no evidence you claim? Well, darwin could never even have dreamed how strongly DNA and genomic discovery have supported his earliest ideas. As an example, consider what Walter Gehring did in the mid 1990’s. He picked one of the “complex systems” to prove this with - the eye. It’s ironic because creationists liked to point to the eye as a complex system that they thought disproved evolution). Gehring discovered that fruit fly, rat and human(in fact all living things) eyes all stem from the same gene. To prove it he removed the gene from fruit fly embryos and the fly was born without eyes. Then he removed the gene from the fruit fly embryo once again, and replaced it with the eye genes from a mouse. Voila….the fruit fly was born with…yes…a perfect fruit fly eye (a complex eye). Once could refer to countless other examples we have discovered in genetic research in the last 20 years. He then took the fruit fly eye gene and replaced the eye gene of frogs with the eye gene from the fruit fly - and the frog's were born with perfect frog eyes.

    The real question creationsists should ask is: WHEN (not IF) evidence is stacked up as high as a mountain to support evolution – what will you do? Will you still refuse to accept facts? Or would you have the open-mindedness to question your beliefs (unproven that’s why they are called beliefs)? I sound arrogant in asking this I know. But I used to believe like most creationsists. I thought the idea of man descending from apes was the dumbest thing I ever heard….little did I know I was right in my thinking but incorrect in my knowledge. Once I quit believing without learning the real facts my whole life changed and I have never looked back (even with my fruit fly eyes).


  • siegswife

    Now I'm confused. I thought that evolutionists don't believe that men descended from apes but share a common ancestor?

  • heathen

    I once saw a parrot that could cuss in a way that would make a sailor blush . There you go somemore proof of evolution .

  • donkey


    I said:

    I thought the idea of man descending from apes was the dumbest thing I ever heard….little did I know I was right in my thinking but incorrect in my knowledge

    Creationsists try to instill the idea into their fellow believers that evolutionists claim man comes from apes. It is just another example of the intellectual dishonesty in religion and believers. It is a simple strategy - twist what evolutionists say and make it seem ridiculous so that your followers will ridicule it and see it as absurd and not even entertain the notion of exploring the claims of the other side
  • patio34

    Excellent points Amazing, Donkey, and .... I lost the other posts....others! I have nothing to add, but want to thank you for the article, the link (that i've forwarded on to friends), and rationale.

    And thanks for the definition of belief (unproven). I intuitively object to that word "believe," without going further.


  • azaria
    they rebelled and threw a fit over the unfairness and inequality.

    I was talking to a lady the other day. She has two cats that have always despised each other. They have been fighting more than normal lately, because of emotional neglect from this lady. The one cat got mad at the other cat and pissed in his food bowl. That's funny.

    evidence is stacked up as high as a mountain to support evolution –

    That's not what I'm reading. I believe that evolution to an extent exists but not the way the Darwinians? would have you believe. I will try and post on the subject at a later date about what I've read. You know the scientists can do all the experiments they want, but the original material still has to come from somewhere. It doesn't answer the question, where, how did life come about. I will never believe that something comes from nothing.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    " Believers - You need a new revelation to explain this!"

    I find such statements disappointing. Why? Because they sound haughty. Is the writer haughty? I have no idea. I am only telling you what the statements sounds like to me.

    Am I a JW apologist? Absolutely not!

    Am I an apologist of any religion? Absolutely not!

    Do I believe that there is some good in some religions? Yes, but too little.

    Do I believe that there is some good in the JW religion? Very little.

    Do I believe in a supreme being? Probably, though I can appreciate some of the agnostic and atheist arguments.

    So, why am I picking on the statement above? It just seems unbecoming, IMO. Most of us here at one time believed or said that we believed in creation. By making these statements in the manner that is often done on this board we are acting like "typical converted sinners." For example, I have never appreciated those who recently made a huge chance in there life acting like an authority in that area and expecting everyone else to fall in line (though I do admire their personal conversion): Smokers who quite and now hate all smokers; recently slim and trim persons ridiculing others who remain over-weight, etc. You get the idea.

  • azaria

    Looks like themay have pee'd in your mouth. Just joking.

  • drawcad_1


    you are correct in your thinking that evolution does not explain how the material got here. But then evolution does not try to explain that. In its simplest definition it talks about the change of a species over time. The process of how the first organisms got on this earth is a different science and a different theory and another creationist lie (just like the one about man descending from apes). The current theory of evolution that is held by most scientists is not the same as the one originally held by Darwin. Although, it still has the same core belief, change over time, the mountain of evidence and new procedures have allowed them to make more accurate statements.

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