Holy Grail of Free Energy Might be Possible

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  • prologos
    from the stored energy in plants we can ferment, distill alcohol, so, are there any life enhancing substances in the pipe line from this process, and is it pretty like plants? or can the plants that do this be made pretty like plants?
  • cofty

    prologos - There are no plants involved at all

    VI - Every water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms. Liberating the hydrogen has always been impractical since it requires more energy than you get back.

    Chloroplasts do it effortlessly. This is entirely down to the unique physical shape of the enzyme that they are associated with.

    This article reports that a synthetic molecule may have been discovered that can do this job.

    Nobody is saying the world's energy problems were finally solved last week but some very promising progress was made.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    For a moment there, I thought COFTY had started a cold fusion thread!

    Interesting stuff.

  • FadeToBlack

    Is manganese oxide readily available? Need to check...

  • DogGone

    This is interesting.

    I am a bit skeptical, only because evolution has been working with this energy source for a couple billion years. To my knowledge, evolution has not been able to produce an efficient enough system to allow photosynthesis to directly drive the higher energy requirements of locomotion. In the north, deciduous trees give way to confirs and, eventually, shrubs, grasses, lichens, and moss because light becomes too diffuse to support the requirements of even standing trees despite their broad surface area.

    I have trouble seeing how this could solve the energy density problem with solar. But, if it makes hydrogen at dramatically lower costs and doesn't, as I worry, consume enormous tracts of land, there may be something there.

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