Do local JWs want in-person meetings back in your congregation?

by JWTom 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vidiot

    @ jhine...

    Being happy to go back to church proceeds from the assumption that said church is a place that makes one happy.

    Does the average Kingdom Hall fit that bill?

  • LongHairGal


    Some (but not all) JWs want the hall meetings to resume.

    Most of their social life is centered there so they miss in-person meetings. A few others are in a bad way or greatly inconvenienced because of the halls being closed. These are the ‘needy’ types looking for handouts who discreetly got ca$h from certain people there. Lots of phone calls to be made now!

  • contramundum

    My mother has been a staunch witness for the best part of five decades. During that time she never missed a meeting unless very ill. When she had no transport she would cycle 3 miles to the kingdom hall, or walk if the weather was too bad to cycle. This was also with two young children. She has often said recently that she doesn't miss the face to face meetings and would be quite happy if she didn't go back to the hall. She has not lost her faith or her loyalty to the religion, yet I found it telling that even she prefers the convenience of zoom or a phone link to meeting in person.

  • BluesBrother

    The super keen ones are itching to get back to the meetings and out in the Ministry. But a lot of others dont really.

    They can never say so of course but I know my relatives dread the day they have to make the effort to get there

  • inbetween09

    mixed experience here too, most tend to a solution, where it is half and half, weekend meeting at hall and midweek at zoom for instance, even die hard ones like this idea...

  • Phizzy

    I think they will gradually go entirely on-line, and then sell off all the remaining buildings.

    Then they will shrink in numbers year on year, until the last J.W in a Care Home looks wistfully out of a window and wonders why the Paradise Earth has not come yet, having wasted all of her or his life on a Scam posing as a religion.

  • jhine

    Vidiot , that's a really good question to which l do not have an answer. I have never attended a Kingdom Hall so l can't make a comparison .

    I do find it interesting , though , that it does appear that many JWs aren't pushing each other out of the way to get back in . The reluctance to attend meetings does say something about KHs or at least what goes on in them . As you imply they aren't happy places , but then the whole JW experience seems to be aimed at making people miserable.

  • asp59

    The reasonably and wise thing to do, would be realize things ain't working with KHs, and go online. But this people are not known for being wise or using reason. So they gonna come up with some crazy and wacky idea to solve problem. I'm waiting impatiently for what they will do. It's gonna be something like overlapping generation idea that no one could figure out how they manage to get that idea 😌

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