Is the Earth really that great?

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  • Xanthippe

    Tennyson wrote about 'nature red in tooth and claw' about the time Darwin discovered natural selection. The earth isn't perfect at all, we have a battle for survival and no damn positive mental attitude will change that.

  • TD

    I'd say it depends on whether the Rare Earth hypothesis is correct of not.

    I'm kinda hoping it's not, but we really don't know that life exists anywhere else.

  • steve2

    The paradasaical sanitized picture of an earthly

    paradise promoted primarily by certain Christian groups (including Christadelphians, Seventh-Day Adventists and of course JWs, among others) is a wilfully ignorant attempt to glorify perfect nature that plays on pure emotion such as lambs playing with lions, and spears being turned into ploughshares. All very lovey-Dovey with one foot planted in naïveté and the other in simple-minded desperate religiouswishful thinking.

    We know from our own senses that the natural world is a violent and cruel place where rapaciousness and blood-letting rule the day and night. It takes more gullibility and emotional need to believe in an earthly paradise than a heavenly one - although on balance, both places are splendidly bonkers.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Earth isn't perfect but it's the Earth or nothing.

    So stop whinging. XD

  • zeb

    Bumper sticker,

    There is no plan-et B.

  • Ireneus

    You are asking “What happens when lighting strikes a forest full of tress and they all burn to their destruction, and why disease-causing viruses?”

    Whether it is good or hurt, they come from multiple sources such as one’s own action, God’s over-all design of everything, and nature…etc.

    If everyone is caring for each other, you will have perfect system of things on earth resembling heaven, with perfect climate with no such things as harmful lightening ..etc

    If everyone is self-serving, you will have just opposite type of system things on earth resembling hell.

    If people are mixed, then you will have another system of things befitting such a mixture.

    Connection between our thinking pattern and responses of nature are becoming more pronounced these days. We destroyed the perfection of nature with our greed; we designed vehicles and factories with their toxinating pipes on to the air we breathe and water we drink. Human body is a micro universe and we see our bodies reacting according to the quality of our thoughts. Similarly thoughts of all human beings will have corresponding effects on the environment outside because both human bodies and nature outside are made with same physical elements. You can deduct these thoughts from this article. ( In addition, climate change is now known to be increasing the cases of diabetes and other diseases.

    Similar is the case with micro organisms causing diseases. We simply blame them. We are not bothered to find out why some doctors and nurses get affected by the viruses from the patients they treat and other doctors and nurses do not get affected by them. Viruses multiply in favorable environment. What makes favorable environment in some humans and unfavorable in other humans? It is obviously their habit. Why can’t such habits be made mandatory in every country like tax laws are mandatory which make provision to recover your any property in case of violation.

    Micro organisms work to remove the wastes from the earth, and if wastes are found in human bodies they will find favorable atmosphere there to multiply themselves bringing the condition we call dis-ease.

  • atomant

    yes ireneus we are captives on a prison planet.

  • waton

    To bring the place closer to the bible, wt everlasting idea, the sun should have been smaller, the Earth closer, to keep it burning longer. not just 10 billion years total.

  • Vidiot

    The way I've come to understand it, the emergence of life in the universe is super rare and statistically inevitable...

    ...both because of just how big said universe actually is.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Science does not yet know if Earth is extremely unique or just another planet in the Green Zone, a condition of habitability for a planet based on mostly whether liquid water could be found there, but taking other factors into consideration.

    Even when a planet is habitable, life had to start there (or be transplanted there). And its a long set of circumstances that leads from primordial soup to oceans and forests and the like. You need the spark of life to develop according to the available conditions.

    Earth benefits from its large moon and medium star and its axis and time of rotation and all kinds of other factors.

    Time will tell, but most likely not in our lifetimes, if life is so resilient as to succeed in completely different environments or if there are other planets similar enough where the spark took off. With so many stars in just our galaxy and so many galaxies, I'm betting on a bit of both (resilience of life and other earth-like plsnets) making us not so unique.

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