Is the Earth really that great?

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    I enjoy watching nature documentaries; David Attenborough being my favorite host and narrator. That being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that contrary to Xianity’s teaching, the Earth is not “perfectly placed/designed for life.”

    When you actually observe the world at large, without blinders, it’s a wonder that life even exists. Every single living thing is in a fight for life every day. The battle is downright brutal. As humans our intelligence has made our lives relatively easier, but we still struggle, unless you were born rich. Even then you have no way of knowing the outcome of your life. Anything from an accident to a tiny virus could snuff you out at any time.

    The way I see it, is that despite the odds, life occurred. Even if someone seeded life on Earth purposely, they aren’t doing anything but observing the experiment.

    Can we just stop saying how “perfect” the Earth is?


  • punkofnice
    DD - The way I see it, is that despite the odds, life occurred. Even if someone seeded life on Earth purposely, they aren’t doing anything but observing the experiment.

    I agree. Life adapted to survive on this hostile plane in this hostile universe. It wasn't 'created' by some snake handling lunatic's deity. It isn't a perfect fit for us.

    Lots of things are able to kill us one way or another. We do well to live here...I wouldn't say thrive.......

  • blownaway

    we have air, food and entertainment. Better than Mars.


    Yep! Better than Mars! 😂


  • punkofnice

    We even have Mars in the UK. (Not sure about other countries)

  • Vidiot
    punkofnice - "It isn't a perfect fit for us."

    Hell, sometimes if feels like we barely fit it.

  • EverApostate

    Wild plants grow on abandoned buildings.

    The building wasnt designed for plants, but plants grow there due to favourable conditions.

    Same case for earth. Earth wasnt designed or formed for life. But life arose due to favourable conditions on earth.

    Of course earth has some fatally dangerous conditions too.

    Its up to the species to handle or adapt the dangerous conditions and survive

  • WTWizard

    Nothing special about our earth, if you compare it with other stars. Try the planets around the stars that make up the Belt of Orion. Our sun is a wimp compared to those stars. Not to mention, those planets contain our Gods and Goddesses that are watching our earth lest joke-hova ruin it like it did with Mars, or blow it up like it did Phaeton.

    Another star, located in the Pleiades, contains some scumbag aliens that are ruining our planet. They set up whole social structures that ensure our enslavement. They even send their "people" (if you can call those things people) to enforce this structure. Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, and Islam are dominant and influence every element of society, thanks to these reptilian aliens. They infest the whole of the law--Talmud, LIE-ble, and Quran replace natural constitutions as the basis of the law. Those aliens are responsible for much of the danger found on our earth.

  • Ireneus

    I disagree:

    If you add both good and bad you are producing waste. Tree is symbol of production/reproduction, hence "tree of good and bad" would mean humanity (original Hebrew word is Adam) chose a path of wastefulness after leading a perfect life on a perfect earth for a sufficiently long period. Hence what we find is the wasted earth, not the original, perfect earth. Because what happens to your body is the manifestation of what is going on in your internal world--mind, and similarly, earth too would change after humans change their paths on to wastefulness.

    For example, last year during my vacation time I purchased one German Shepherd when it was a baby, and I fed it for less than two months, and returned to my College. After one year again when I visited my family, when I got down from the taxi itself, this now-gown up dog was trying to break its chain to come towards me to show its love. My dad released the dog, it came running towards me, stood up with both the hands on my shoulders--with my nose touching its nose. What a deep expression of affection from a dog just because I cared for it one year back, when it was a baby!

    If humanity had done the same with all the other animals, we would not have had carnivorous ones, all--humans and animals--would have lived as one family. Even carnivorous one, if it is removed from its community when it is a baby and allowed to grow with lambs, it will return to lamb's nature.

    But humanity's purpose is changed! We started the sports called hunting the animals, began eating them. Our purpose is to accumulate exceedingly to create privation in others, and enjoy seeing others suffering. (

    Following such mentality is what eating from "tree of good and bad" means.

  • Finkelstein

    So Ireneus what happens when lighting strikes a forest full of tress and they all burn to their destruction?

    So when humanity gets inflicted with a virus that kills most of the them, its really all in their minds .

    ummmmm ?

    The ideological concept of a perfect world or planet is set only in ancient mythology, it was never a true reality.

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