Pure Worship restored only for English-speaking?

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  • sir82

    That is really odd - back when they released "literature" at conventions, it was available in all of the principal languages.

    They are constantly gushing praise over themselves over their translating capabilities (Remote Translation Offices! 800 languages on JW.Borg!).

    It seems that they took a step back by releasing their latest drivel in exactly one language.

  • dozy

    The Watchtower Society is very much an American religion - hence very much English based. Even the NWT non English translations are translated from the English version ( rather than from Greek / Hebrew etc. ).

    I cringe when I see videos of GB members speaking in English with interpreters and the audience lapping it up. It has always kind of baffled me why so many non-English speaking people have become JWs ( or , for example, Mormons - another very much American based religion. ) The converse simply doesn't happen ( for example , Hare Krishnans ( India ) and Moonies (Korea ) have never had the same impact in foreign fields. ) I guess it has much to do with the success of English as a lingua franca and the success of American culture.

  • waton

    The new book could be a rush job, aimed to quickly deal with a need seen by one of the 7 latter day wt apostles. Ps: Learning a second, or third language would do wonders for your outlook.

  • Vidiot


    Google Translate surpassed MEPS years ago, I'm sure... :smirk:

  • blondie

    WT explanation: (reporting not supporting)


    How English Has Helped US

    10. Why can it be said that English is an international language?

    10 During the first century, common, or Koine, Greek was widely spoken in the Roman Empire. Is there a language as widely spoken today? Many would say that English is such a language. The book English as a Global Language says: “About a quarter of the world’s population is already fluent or competent in English.” The most widely taught foreign language is English, which is used to communicate internationally for commercial, political, scientific, and technological purposes.

    11. How has English had an impact on the advancement of pure worship?

    11 The widespread use of English has helped to advance pure worship. For years, The Watchtower and other Bible-based publications were printed first in English. It is the official language at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And it is generally used when teaching students at the Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson, New York, U.S.A.

  • waton

    The Influx of so many nationals speaking other languages, that abandoned them for English, and then exported the english wt load back to their home-countries contributed to the worldwide "brotherhood" now.

    For those folks that see themselves as latter day conquistadors, and do not want to learn the lingo of the land, wt normally has their indoctrination "spiritual food" ready asap too, in this case,

    Perhaps wt saw that the dissenting "apostate" exposure, requiring a counter stroke, has only made greatest inroads in English -- so far?

  • RubaDub

    Spanish is a nightmare language to translate into outside of Spain, due to the fact that all the Latin American countries have converted many Castilian (Spanish from Spain, where it originated from) words into swear words.

    AverageJoe1 ...

    I have said this same thing numerous times here. English is my first language but learned Spanish when I moved here to South Florida about 30 years ago (not much of a choice but now I really like the language).

    What is a common everyday word to one group is a vile curse word to another. When I first heard that they were going to translate the new Bible into Spanish with more common everyday words, we just laughed.

    Rub a Dub

  • AlexPancho

    It seems to me that there are certain parallels between the book "Finished Mystery" and the New "Pure Worship"
    Year of publication - 1918 vs. 2018
    language is only English
    content: explanation of Ezekiel and Revelation

  • DwainBowman

    I am sorry, but that's just nitpicking. It will be in who know how many languages before long : (

    It written in NY by english speaking people, so it's understandable that it would be released in it first.

    It used to be years sometimes before anything new from NY turned up in other languages. Sometimes, New Light had already FLASHED FORTH, and the book just wasn't made into other languages!! HAHAHAH

    THE DC/RC's used to be around a year behind for most of the world, and so were the wt's and many others!!

  • Caminante

    There isn't any official explanation about the fact that it's English only, but translating the Pure Worship book into other languages is not a zero-priority, because evidently it will be studied after the Jesus--The Way book, which is due to 2021 (I don't remember the exact date, but I saw it in a letter somewhere).

    Spanish and German editions of the Silver Sword are planned for a 2019 release, so obviously the Pure Worship book we be released after that in those languages.

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