Pure Worship restored only for English-speaking?

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  • AlexPancho

    GB recent presents new book "based Ezekiel" - Pure Worship restored.
    This book also provide into JW-borg site and JW-lib too, BUT ONLY ENGLISH.
    As examle, Spanish - it`s second largest language into US and America Continents, but has no translated into it.
    Do you have any idea why this could happen? They hide something, or just did not have time to translate (but previously published in all major languages at the same time)

  • Listener

    Good question. They have been making large reductions in their workforce, including the branches but they have been buying properties specifically for translation work. It may be that their focus on what can be translated at any given time is severely restricted.

    Have they completed the translation of their new, new world translation in Spanish?

    Given their limitations, they may only have enough translators to work on the magazines and ministry work books as well as all their video's.

    The fact is, they are producing less and less material, this means not only less printing but less translating. They continue to struggle with what they are producing.

    Another possibility is that the English audience is the test audience to see how interested they are and how acceptable they are of any new material before they decide to expand on production.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Most likely it will be released at a date not far off. I'm sure they have translators hot on it. Did they state it wouldn't be released until a certain far off date? I wouldn't jump to conclusions that it will be very long. Spanish and many other languages are very much alike so I think once its out in Spanish it wont be long till its everywhere. Remember the net can provide rather quick distribution of info.

  • WTWizard

    Perhaps the idea is that all of Europe must speak English no matter where they are (all of Africa, too). That means if you are in Europe or Africa, speaking a language other than English is to be banned. The Americas are supposed to be speaking Spanish--all the way from the southern tip of Argentina to northern Canada. So much for Portuguese in Brazil, English in USA or most of Canada, or French in Quebec. Arabic is to be spoken through the Middle East, though Israel (the only country spoken well about in the bible) gets the privilege of Hebrew. And Mandarin Chinese for Asia.

    And, I have heard a few times while I was a jokehovian that, once we were in the New Dark Ages, the "switch to a pure language" would mean Hebrew. For now, it means abiding by that LIE-ble that praises Israel blatantly and bashes all the neighboring nations (also blatantly). As for this, with Jupiter going through Sagittarius (a great time for learning a foreign language), they might just try pulling off that s*** so we will all have to speak that sickly language. Even the letters themselves look sick, compared to such clean languages as the Latin languages (and yes, that includes such as Russian) and Sanskrit (which I would much sooner learn instead of Hebrew).

    For the time being, it is an embarrassment that, given that the washtowel prided itself in producing littera-trash in Greenlandic, they can't even provide proper Spanish material. Or French. Or German. Or Japanese. They had it in English in 2013, in that ugly grey color. How long does it take to translate it into Spanish, French, German, and Japanese--and then into other major languages? Sure a far cry from the time when they had material in such as Zulu, Greenlandic, and Tagalog.

  • Crazyguy

    Did the new silver sword ever get translated into Spanish?

  • smiddy3

    Maybe its simply just a matter of them running out of cash or maybe even translators are leaving in droves .?

    One can only hope .

  • AverageJoe1

    Spanish is a nightmare language to translate into outside of Spain, due to the fact that all the Latin American countries have converted many Castilian (Spanish from Spain, where it originated from) words into swear words.

    Eg. A simple verb “to get”/“to pick up” in Spanish is “Coger” but in many Latin American countries they use that as the “F” word.

    Another example is “bum” or “butt” (also “bottom” as in your butt or as in the bottom of a bottle or something). In Spanish it is “Culo” but for Latin Americans they see that as saying “ass” and view it badly.

    Now imagine trying to come up with a translation from Spain (where the original Spanish translations are done) then sending it out to all the other Spanish speaking branches, waiting for them to come back to you saying “you can’t say this in our Spanish”, and coordinating all those different translations.

    Of course, if God was truly behind the WT, then it wouldn’t have been a problem but he is obviously not backing them so they are down to just good old human effort and errors!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    One of my many aha moments came from living in Spain and seeing how English was translated into Spanish. They even refer to KHs as churches over there but we couldn't.

    Being English speaking Our Kingdom Ministries were often, if we even got them, a bit irrelevent for us living in Spain. The Spanish version was aimed at Spanish people so no good for us either because our ministry was searching for English speaking people first and we were not to offer Spanish literature at all.

    I felt that was being partial even tho God supposedly isn't. Why couldn't we pair up with the Spanish and all preach together.

    Even the Spanish in our cong (They were all pioneers) who could speak English if finding an interested Spanish person had to pass their details to the Spanish congregation. They could not have them as a return visit. None of the rules seemed to be based on love for either the householder or the JWs

  • AlexPancho

    I'm try find this book into Fance, Russian and Ukrainian lang - but doesnt have

  • Gorbatchov

    I remember when the magazines in my language, Dutch, were printed a few months later then the English version die to translating time in the 70's.

    So English speaking witnesses could believe something else when new light was 'presented. Can you imagine that was possible?

    I never understood more versions of truth were possible at the same time...


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