Unwritten Theory

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  • moreconfusedthanever

    Have any of you heard some theories from JWs that are not based on scripture?

    I have, in the past few days, heard a couple that have me shaking my head.

    First one is that since Satan was around during the creation period and probably watched on as things were being made, it is possible that he is responsible for the creation of some of the more hideous and nasty creatures that live among us. Surely god wouldn't make horrible things.

    Second one is that Satan already had a bad attitude before the creation of Adam and Eve and was collecting followers among the other angels early on and stirring trouble. This one really annoyed me. If that theory were in the least bit true then the whole issue of the bible and Adam and Eve's sin would be void. If Satan was already a s**t stirrer before humans came on the scene, he should have been dealt with then and not allowed to corrupt yet more creation.

  • venus

    No other theory would even come closer in its absurdity to the theory that it is better to punish Jesus rather than Satan--and strange enough it is this theory that has more followers.

  • smiddy3

    It`s like a judge who punishes and sentences the victim to a life of misery rather than the perpetrator of the crime with no punishment whatsoever except for the never ever plan sometime in the distant (far distant) future.

  • Phizzy

    Many of their Doctrines cannot actually be proved from the Bible, if you read the Bible properly.

    The Blood Doctrine, the whole 1914 nonsense, and therefore the 1919 "choosing" of Rutherford and Gang etc etc.

    This means of course that all their yaddering about the "End" being so close, that we are "well in to the last Days" is all crap as well !!!

  • cofty

    "If the all powerful god controls satan he is an accomplice, and if he doesn't, he is not an all powerful god." - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • ttdtt

    Did you hear the one about the Princess that had such soft skin that she could feel a pea under 10 mattresses!

    Now that makes you think!

  • sir82

    I always thought this one was clever, to a point:

    Why would Eve listen to a talking snake about the forbidden fruit?

    Evidently, Satan had the snake take a bite of fruit, then he started his "ventriloquism act" recorded in Genesis chapter 3. So Eve would think, "hey, maybe there really is something powerful in the fruit, if it can make a snake talk,"

    Of course, I am unaware of any member of the snake family that eats apples or pears, but why let facts get in the way of a good story? If you buy "talking snake", pretty much anything else is trivial.

  • mikeflood

    Oh...those theories belong to the Jehova Witness of the Seventh Day....

  • pale.emperor

    How about the theory that Satan and his demons listen in to your conversations and remember things that you're afraid of or doubting about.

    Or the one that demons like to live in 2nd hand vases and your dads old shirt?

  • carla

    Not positive put pretty sure my jw believes satan made things like mosquitoes, ticks, flies, etc....sigh. Some things in life you are just better off not knowing so that is why I don't outright ask him. (besides it would violate the unspoken rule of not discussing jw things). I already think he is half nuts for being involved with them in the first place, if I truly knew every goofy thing he believed I'm not sure I would be ever be able to keep a straight face while talking with him.

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