People Asking Me To Help Them Leave

by pale.emperor 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks for helping people escape PE, you're doing a great job. It cheers me up to know so many people want to fade.

    The "new light" has changed the contract as far as im concerned. Overlapping generation? I never signed up to that back in 2004 when I was dunked.

    My brother who's been an elder for about thirty years brought this up to me when I left. He said what mattered to him was his dedication to Jehovah as if I had broken my contract by leaving. I agree with you, they've broken the contract by completely changing the wording of it.

    I was promised a paradise earth within one generation of 1914. They reneged on the deal, not me. Also they're false prophets so according to Deuteronomy 18:20-22 they should be ignored.

  • Phizzy

    Well done Paley my boy ! It would make me really happy to help just one person, in some way, to find freedom from the clutches of the JW Cult.

    Maybe I have, I don't know, but certainly I am here with arms wide open if anyone seeks help.

    We who are free, and have been for a while, can forget the trauma and fears of those first steps away from the "prison", we should always empathize, and kindly help all who seek it.

    Keep up your great work !

  • Giordano

    Being on this forum helps me to see the depth of the problems facing someone like Pale's contacts.

    I have helped a couple of people with their exit. My sister-in-law pulled out along with her three children.We walked and talked. She trusted her sister and I, we gave her and the kids safe haven. She loved the new 'normal'.

    "it was only 1 cigarette, honest" and im like "you don't answer to me. Stop explaining yourself". Something that simple could open a whole other way to think about this religion.

    This guy probably saw another part of the dilemma he's in........he feels like he's got to confess or at least explain himself.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great work PE!!

    It shows that you are known to be kind and approachable. Keep up that wonderful and supportive nature you have.

    Yes, more and more are awakening I am sure! in our little part of the world, there have been a few also wake up recently, and it kind of just comes up in conversation...then they POUR out their hearts about these issues.

    We all need to be there for them. To be kind and supportive, without overwhelming them with lots of topics or issues.

    If we maintain our dignity, poise and grace, they will see that "apostates" are NOT crazy, mentally diseased people - rather we are loving and caring!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    "But... if i leave, i lose everything." which is true. His wife is a full-time pioneer, his kids are best friends with elders kids, his family is in "the clique", he's being groomed to be an elder by his elder buddies, he's self employed and the majority of his customers are JW.

    This reminds me of when someone is stuck in a job he hates simply because it has good employee benefits. They call those benefits, "Golden Handcuffs" because even though they are beneficial, they keep a person Imprisoned in a situation that they'd rather not be in. The same thing happens in bad marriages.

  • pale.emperor

    Thanks guys.

    I also make a point of messing with JW loaded language. For instance, instead of saying "the world" i say "the real world". Instead of "the truth" i say "the religion".

    It's surprises me how many exJWs i meet who still use the term "the truth" when talking about Watchtower. They know it isnt true but that term has stuck.

    I also never use the New World Bastardization if i ever have to use a bible. I refer them to a real one like the NIV.

  • dubstepped

    Good for you man! I wish someone I knew would come to me. I'd love to help. I hope that you're able to be that person that so many of us needed on our way out.

  • deegee
    l also never use the New World Bastardization if i ever have to use a bible. I refer them to a real one like the NIV-----------p.e

    There are criticisms of the NIV. Bible scholar, Bart Ehrman, recommends the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) instead:

  • jws

    Well, there are a ton of reasons to escape the JWs. Maybe the fact they're dropping most of the issues of their magazines is kind of a wakeup lately. As a lot of the changes to tradition are. Spin it how they want, it's a sign they're not doing so good. Like when they had to drop the book study. Or redefine "generation". Each change causes some to wake up.

    I've also been watching Leah Remini's series about Scientology. I may get debate, but I think they are a lot worse than JWs. But with some common elements. They're in their second season of the show talking to survivors, talking to people who escaped and reunited with family. It's powerful. And may be causing members of all cults to think and act as well.

  • Crazyguy

    Why are they talking to you do you think? Your dfd right ? Did you tell all these people before your dfing that you DAd or what? It’s just the common practice when you hear someone being dfd is to think they had sex with someone there not supposed to. I don’t get it? But good on you!

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