What is the biggest problem with the JWS religion or the Watchtower Corporation from a sociological and theological perspective ?

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  • Finkelstein

    One the biggest problems with the JWS which is recently gained public attention is the deliberate intent by the organization and its leaders toward protecting its own public image concerning child sexaul abuse by some of its members.

    The organization has always presented a proclamation that their organization is righteously pure or more righteous than all other religions which are pointedly false, corrupt and unrighteous .

    They actually pointed the finger at the Catholic religion with its problems of child sexaul abuse by its clergy, bad yes but hypocritical given the stance the WTS/JWS has taken over the years.

  • Jerryh
    from a theological perspective

    *** w67 12/15 p. 753 par. 1 What Now Distinguishes the Good News to Be Preached ***

    EVER since the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 something of very present importance has been added to the “good news of God” that Jesus Christ used to preach . . .

  • Finkelstein

    The doctrines (theology) the WTS made were commercially inspired doctrines which were not supported in the bible or the instructions laid out by Jesus himself.

    Maybe Jesus should have warned about men who would try and sell his Gospel for profit.

    Unfortunately lying corruption is synonymous with the Watchtower Corporation, part of the reason why left the JWS back in the 80's.

    As its known being faithfully loyal to Jehovah and his son through Scripture and being faithfully loyal to the Watchtower Corporation are two different things.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    They have committed MURDER with the Blood Doctrine. Remember the awake issue that had on the cover all the children that died because their parents refused to give them a blood transfusion.

    This is still ongoing,and yet we don't hear about this any more,because the focus has shifted from the blood issue to the living child abuse issue that has been a living death sentence for these innocent children also. There is much more besides the real estate issue too.

    None of this has anything to do with God at all.That's it for now.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    That it isn't "the truth" it claims to be.

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    What's wrong with the JW religion...(as brief as this can be!)


    Historically humanity has gone through different stages of development. To grossly oversimplify this and keep it relevant to the JW, there is the basic group phase whereby individuals realise that working together ensures better survival and quality of life. It starts from the family and extends out towards tribes etc. This developed into hierarchy structures etc with their laws and codes for self preservation as a society.

    The next (overlapping) phase that we're still going through (as evidenced by war/racism) is one of accepting people from the "outside groups". Accepting people of different nationalities, races, sex etc. Whether you believe in evolution or not, accepting this progression of civilization is vital for long term survival, and those who don't submit to the progressive flow will not bode well either individually or as a whole.

    How does this tie in with the JWs? This religion is stuck in the old mindset of "us vs them" (the ancient priestly hierarchical rule of nationalism). No matter which way you dress this up (e.g. the rich vs poor, virtuous vs savage) it's the same crap that won't last...it'll die out with each subsequent generation, much like sexism has done over the decades.

    There's only so long you can keep a person back; trying to delude people into a superiority complex (ultimately "us vs them") only works so long. People start to small the BS and wake up. Ask many ex JWs about this and it'll be high on the list of things that made them uncomfortable as a JW (made to feel as if everyone else was "unclean" except themselves).


    Actually this should be called "spiritually" because that's where the real problem lies (theology changes throughout history, but spirituality remains pretty constant). Watchtower is a pretty cold corporation that's devoid of spirit. By spirit I mean a person's better inward drive towards what they currently believe is true/pure/good. The WT takes this freedom away from the adherent, and that's a huge thing - i.e. your free will (the main thing that makes humans "special"). Spoon feeding anyone into a state of drifting through life (dependency) is the worst thing you can do to them, and that's what WT does. Many can't quite pinpoint this error in the WT but they know it just doesn't sit right with them deep down, and many leave as a result.


    In a nutshell:

    1) Backwards and unethical philosophy to social structure - "us vs them"

    2) Enslavement of a persons spirit (whatever you define that to be) - "we'll tell you exactly how to feel/think"

  • Finkelstein

    Thanks for your comment Good JW

    The spiritual enslavement suggestion is point on.

    True acts or works of what would deem to be Christianity is particular oppressed is this religious organization, which might be indicative to its inherent corruption

  • Finkelstein

    It would appear when this organization really started to get corrupted and out of control was when J Rutherford proclaimed that "His" organization was exclusively chosen by god in 1919, from that point forward the elements of self empowerment by divine approval took hold. Every WTS leader to follow Rutherford were assumed spirit directed in all bible interpretations they made or doctrines they created, not unusual in how many religious organizations are created.

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Thanks Finkelstein.

    When bad things happen in the world people want answers, and someone coming along with direction (and showing a keen interest in them) is like a breath of fresh air for many, especially the vulnerable. Any audience these self appointed gurus gain leads to feeding the ego, and ultimately deluding them into feeling special/elite. This feeling keeps them driven so much that losing control over the "disciples" becomes a threat to their fake identity, hence the propaganda (either self believed or outright lies) to keep people in line.

    "Don't go elsewhere, you need me".

    They jealously and arrogantly guard what they see as their "property". Mix in some truths to sound plausible, pepper in some nice things, reason in circles, spin/ignore the negatives, keep making more followers...rinse and repeat. Pack it neat and tidy, label the box "The Truth" to make it easier to sell.


    On the one hand claiming to have exclusive rights to "The Truth" sounds crazy and arrogant to most reasonable people (and what puts them off). However, on the other hand it's actually a very good sales ploy. Can you imagine trying to advertise something as having mediocre results?

    "Come and try this new product, it may work, or it may not, it's pretty much the same as all the rest out there!"

    Would you buy that? Hardly. Come at someone with something "original" and "authoritative" (THE Truth...this is almost Divine, not just bible commentary) and suddenly you have someone's attention (or at least the person who's more open to exploitation).

  • Finkelstein

    Great analysis Good JW

    I've got to read more of your comments from now on and encourage others as well.

    The leaders of the WTS/JWS (GB) have the spirituality of self identity and ego sustained through their own corruption and dubious acts of coercion, Kings of their own Kingdom as it were

    Want to save your life stick with us, we are the most adherent to scripture, making us more righteous in the eyes of god.

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