Remark at memorial about growing annointed numbers

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  • Gorbatchov

    Don’t know if it was part of the script.

    At the memorial the remark about growing annointed numbers including this numbers from 2015 to 2017 was made (from 13.000 to 18.000+).

    Reason for the growing numbers could be:

    - feeling annointed because of former believe

    - psychical reasons

    - because of growing JW numbers it could be a normal issue that annointed numbers grow

    I heard the speaker and thought If you are annointed you would be stumbled to need an excuse to be part of it.


  • smiddy3

    Maybe Gorby the growing number of partakers is because the indoctrination into the religion has become so dumb downed over the years that newer people and children growing up in the religion are less articulated about what they really believe anymore..

    In other words a failure of the organization to teach newbies their core beliefs.

    Also the fact that people are also getting fed up with the ever putting off the end is just around the corner mantra ,realizing they are going to die before the big A comes and want the reward when they die and not be waiting in a grave for God knows how long.

    Seeing so many of their elderly faithful brothers and sisters die without gaining their reward or seeing the New System in their lifetime.

    What do you think ?

  • Giordano
    In other words a failure of the organization to teach newbies their core beliefs.

    I would argue smiddy3 that their core beliefs were borrowed from other religions.....mostly Adventists. Their business plan was borrowed from other corporations......... mostly publishing companies and real estate holding companies.

    Their corporate motto was............ obedience first then faith.

    The Watchtower Society does not run a religion......... they run a corporation whose main duty is to make you believe in their corporation. They are Tupperware and/or Amway gone berserk.

  • carla

    "They are Tupperware and/or Amway gone berserk." - I love that!

  • eyeuse2badub

    While it tickles the shit out of us to see the 'sacred' number increasing (lol), It's got to be scaring the shit out of the GB!

    just saying!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    At some point I think they will have to back away from the 144000-is-literal belief.

  • sparky1

    Interestingly enough, at the Memorial that I attended, the speaker never actually mentioned the number of partakers. Instead, he spoke of how the 'little flock' is now indeed little in number. That there are 'approximately 1 in 1,100 partakers worldwide in relation to the Great Crowd of Other Sheep.' A statement riddled with obfuscation and denial.

  • flipper

    Didn't the number of partakers , those claiming to be of the anointed used to be about 5,000 or so about 20 years ago ? Now it's 18,000 ? Amazing. Lots of anointed up in heaven must be screwing around proving unfaithful getting dfed - so the GB has received new light that the door is being opened up again for prospective rulers ! ( Joking )

    The GB will pull any reason out of their anus to make anything work

  • BluesBrother

    At the one I attended (reluctantly) the number was stated without comment. The speaker heavily steered the audience to believe that they should just pass it along.

    Why is it rising? There is a lot in this comment.

    In other words a failure of the organization to teach newbies their core beliefs.

    The modern video & quick summary study primers do not match the serious study books of the past. Also , ideas catch on. We always believed that the door closed in the 1930's now they think " If he can be one, so can I ".......

  • alanv

    Whenever anything goes wrong in the religion, they simply change what they originally said, even if it is the complete opposite.

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