My impressions of the cart witnessing

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  • careful

    Someone posted a pic on this forum of a group "witnessing" at one of those carts, and it had them all deeply engrossed on their cellphones, paying no attention to anything or anyone else. I tried to find it by a search but came up empty. It was one of those pictures that says a thousand words. Anybody know the key words to find it on the search engine?

  • blownaway

    I remember talking to my great uncle who was around in the cult when they used phonographs. He would brag about putting his foot in the door and the house holder was going to hear the sermon one way or another. That carried down for a lot of years and even the persistence of the going from door to door knocking on the same doors over and over took a lot of energy and determination. Now they roll out a cart sit there like a bump on a log and play on their smart phone. They are getting fat and lazy. The preaching work is dying off the way I see it.

  • keinlezard


    just "impression" ?

    Yesterday morning ( 19th april 2018 ) , when I go to refuel my bike , near a circle I saw one witness at 8 o'clock, one , alone ... and at this place nobody else ... In fact at this place at any time you can meet 1 or 2 persons every 2 hours :)

    It's obvious , cart witnessing exists only to have "hours" and only "hours"

    I suspect since the begining of this type of activity , that the first purpose of cart witnessing is to decrease number of magazine.

    Why I think that ? Beacause the first time ( in France ) we have this activity , that was when we change from

    4 magazine / month to 2 magazine / month ... and after from 32 pages to 16 pages ...

    When I was preaching , I saw that nobody stops to see at cart nor to talk with us ...

    2 hours spend for nothing only to talk with my "colleague" :)

    Best regards

  • alanv

    I really think the cart witnessing is just an attempt to keep the jdubs busy, while making it more of a social experience for them, where they can chat to each other and drink coffee etc, and not be distracted by knocking on doors. The members can put in their hours, which makes them feel good, and the org can brag about 2 billion plus hours a year in the work of spreading the kingdom message. What a joke.

  • punkofnice

    I can't imagine the fools at the top of the WBT$ are intelligent enough to figure out how dopey the Jobots look as they drape themselves near a trolley that has no bibles.

    The whole thing screams 'WEIRDO CULT'............which it is...they look bonkers!

  • Vidiot

    Credit where credit's due...

    ...they've made it real easy to be a hard-core loyalist, these days.


  • punkofnice
  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The Jobots love the cart work. Getting their hours have never been so easy. The rules are...don't engage in any conversations with people walking by, keep warm with coffee as needed, don't push our literature on people to save the costs and make sure your phones have a full battery before you start your time.

  • LongHairGal

    I remember approaching a cart in the City some years back with a question about something that was going on (I can’t remember what).

    The “sister” had a little bit of a defensive attitude in her tone and was reluctant to answer me directly but was eager to urge me to contact (whatever). The point I got from the whole thing is that they are not there to get into any kind of discussion about anything.

    Some here say the JWs are about counting time. This is true but I also feel it is about them being VISIBLE. Since their claim to fame is the door-to-door work (which is now a waste of time since hardly anybody is home), the cart work is the next best thing to be visible and showcase some literature and advertise, IMO.

  • galaxie

    While at the carts are they actually engaged in the preaching work ? This passive stand offish behaviour which i have seen countless times, seems to contradict the advice given in the study wt 16 may page 9 par'3 which highlights matt 28: 19-20 and asks the question ' were jesus'disciplines to be passive waiting for people to come to them ? ..definitely not! The jws at the carts are even going against their own directive !

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