Do You Typically Accept The Press As Being Unbiased And Honest?

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  • BluesBrother

    Have to agree with Slimboyfat

    "The anti-Russia bias on the BBC is getting quite alarming actually."

    Rather than Cofty

    2 days ago

    "SBF is sinking to the depths of 9/11 conspiracy nuts.

    Russian security services murder their traitors abroad. They use poison. How many examples do you need exactly? You are a useful idiot."

    2 days ago
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The success of so much bias news to the left and to the right doesn't speak very well of the readers. In fact, isn't it the U.S. one of the most religious country? That should help understand why the fake news is so successful. Children are indoctrinated very early and by the time they are adults they are well trained to believe only the stuff that has been fed into their brains in the early years.

    Having learned a thing or two about cults and cult members make me realize that humans have a need for confirmation bias through religion, or media, or any other means. Nobody wants to be wrong, and our brains will endure any cognitive dissonance levels to avoid disconfirmation. Will it ever get better? I hope so, but I am not very optimistic.

  • em1913

    The idea that "the biased press" is a new and recent thing, as many people believe, and that once upon a time the press was "unbiased" is ridiculous. Eighty years ago the journalist/critic George Seldes, after careful study, concluded that there wasn't a single truly honest newspaper in the United States. *All* of them were held in thrall to advertising and the corporate interests behind that advertising, and only the ad-free New York PM and the tightly-controlled Christian Science Monitor, in his view, came even close to an honest, factual presentation of the news.

    The media today is every bit as corporate controlled as it ever was. That's the real bias, not the petty squabbling of political parties over which corrupt crypto-fascist oligarch is going to run the country.

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