Do You Typically Accept The Press As Being Unbiased And Honest?

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  • minimus

    There is more “ yellow journalism “ than ever before! Newscasters and writers that you thought were trustworthy often miss the mark.

    Do you generally accept the “news” as being honest?

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    "Unreliable" is how I would describe our mainstream media.

  • slimboyfat

    The anti-Russia bias on the BBC is getting quite alarming actually.

    The other day Radio 4 informed me that “flat out denial is Putin’s favourite tactic”, and that, “offering to help with investigations in other countries is straight out of the Russian playbook”.

    I don't know if those assemments are fair or not, but I wish BBC would stick to reporting what happens rather than telling me what to think about it.

    They tell us so often on the BBC that Russia is behind the chemical attacks it really makes me wonder if they protest too much.

  • blownaway

    No there is no unbiased press. MSNBC totally left, Fox lean right, CNN lean left, Brighbart totally right. You have to watch all of them and you can make up your mind. I think for me its because of gulping down the Kool-aid all those years in the cult that now I am a skeptic. I don't go with all one party plank. I believe we need a national health care system, I believe in the 2nd amendment, legal pot, legal abortion to a point, a boarder wall and limited immigration and deportation of all illegals. I don't give a rip about gays or lesbians but what they do in their home is their business, Black lives matter is a terrorist org that hates cops and wants to have an excuse to riot. Higher tax on the ultra rich, and freedom from religion as much as choice of religion, separation of church and state. But not to the point where you ban Xmas from schools. No trannys in women's bathrooms. Just because you feel like a woman does not mean you are one. If I had this available when I was in high school I would be transgender if it would get me in the girls shower. Shit we took homech just so we could be near the chicks.

  • minimus

    Blown away....👍👍

  • cofty

    SBF is sinking to the depths of 9/11 conspiracy nuts.

    Russian security services murder their traitors abroad. They use poison. How many examples do you need exactly? You are a useful idiot.

  • alecholmesthedetective
  • alecholmesthedetective
  • doubtfull1799

    All news will inevitably show bias to one degree or another at some point, but that doesn't mean its totally unreliable and it doe snot mean it is biased all the time.

    The important thing is how we consume the news, to be aware of the biases and to expose ourselves to different sources (which is admittedly getting harder as many news outlets are now just regurgitating the same news from a few key sources instead of doing their own reporting)

    I highly recommend "The News: a User's manual", by Alain de Botton as a great guide to understanding the biases involved in reporting.

  • FedUpJW

    The press...unbiased...and honest??


    As much as the governing body members are unbiased and honest!

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