Do You Typically Accept The Press As Being Unbiased And Honest?

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  • minimus

    It would be nice to actually hear real news. Not slanted news.

  • smiddy3

    News as it is reported today either by the press ,the TV , or radio/Wireless is governed by RATINGS and SENSATIONALISM first and foremost .

    And of course by the first to break the news fake or otherwise and we will deal with the flack afterward .

  • dozy

    I find a lot of the news pretty superficial nowadays - silly vox pops and 2 minute reports on what are often very complex issues and news stories. There obviously is bias there ( generally - in the UK - somewhat liberal and left wing ) - but if you try to view , listen to and read different ( sometimes opposing sources ) it helps.

    One of the ( few ) good things about having been and then left JWs is that you are much more sensitive to being easily manipulated and conned , so I have to say I am much more cynical these days when I watch the news and try to determine the agenda behind it.

  • Simon

    Too often it's now either blatant propaganda for one particular party or else it's meaningless drivel "entertainment" about some spat between celebrities or what someone tweeted or else some viral video that everyone saw on the internet the week before.

    There's a lack of long-form, informative, investigative journalism because they are being killed when it comes to attention and resort to click-bait instead.

    This is a fantastic discussion and explores this exact issue:

    Generally, the media has an overwhelming left-wing bias and it goes beyond news and into general programming too - every show will promote liberal people, they will have many gay people on it, far in excess of the proportion of the population for instance.

  • Whynot

    No way. It feels more like they're trying to make everyone think a certain way. They don't give all the necessary details.

  • _Morpheus
  • sir82

    There is more “ yellow journalism “ than ever before!

    Certainly not.

    A little historical perspective is always helpful.

  • minimus

    I stand by my statement. Sensationalism and reports without proper substantiation are the norm. Irresponsible “journalism “.

  • sparrowdown

    The news does not report events in a professional unbiased way anymore (did it ever tho?).

    The news readers themselves sound like gossip columnists the tone of their voice that emotes a tisk tisk or a "what a terrible man" inflection at the end of every sentence, combined with the same stock footage and phrases played on a loop and the highly charged emotional words used to desribe events are all signals to let you how you are supposed to react.

    First outrage then the sadness, and a fluff human interest piece to end with.

    News now tells us what to think and feel and believe, and the adverts and promos for it run like an on going "reality" show. (Oh and shhh "reality" shows are not real shhh don't tell anyone.)

    Oh I forgot to say - in my opinion.

  • LongHairGal


    No. I absolutely hate the press and cannot remember when I last heard so-called unbiased news.

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