Myth Dispelled! Leaving the Organization is NOT Leaving God

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  • LeftMyReligionToFindGod
    It's true, leaving the organization does not mean you leave God. As someone who was raised in the "truth" I always heard the messaging that if you leave the organization you leave God and lose his protection. After disassociating myself, I even believed that and began on a path of self-destructive behaviour as I was leaving behind every relationship I had ever known and very ill equipped to live in the "real world"
    Growing up, I always felt there was a higher power and our purpose was more than living a few decades. I now am at a place where I feel closer to God than I ever did attending the Kingdom Hall three times a week for years and years, participating in the weekly preaching work or attending any of the assemblies. When I questioned my feeling of the absence of God at 12 years of age, my mother told me I had just have to have faith. After a long difficult journey, I can say I feel very confident my new personal beliefs are leading me closer to the "truth" than a small group of "chosen ones" ever could.
    What I would a bible app like bible is and listen to a New Standard/ English Drama version. I thought I knew the bible as I always studied all the literature in depth, looking up all the referenced scriptures and then writing them out into the publication, and I was always told I gave fantastic comments. However, until I listened from Genesis to Revelation, in order, new "truths" became vividly clear to me. I listen to the bible three times in one year and every time I felt more confident in what is really being taught in the bible. More importantly I was starting to feel I was developing a genuine connection with God, especially when the "a-ha!" moments came to me.
    Please, don't lose your faith in God, but lose all faith in organized religion showing you a clear path. I believe many contain "truths", but the contamination of their other teachings act like smoke and mirrors to keep us from knowing the "real truth". What is that? The real truth is we all have to find our own relationship God. It is not mediated through "chosen ones" or an organized religion, it is a personal journey. You can start very simply, pray for guidance and then listen to a good drama version of the bible, listen to all the books in order. First time, just listen and bookmark scriptures that resonate with you. Second time, start to make notes of new understandings you are starting to have and note questions for further research. The third time, really start to look into some of the new understanding you have come to have. Use the internet to research multiple sources. Use your educated discernment and look at opposing viewpoints to ensure you are confident in what you believe (yes, this is contrary to what the organization teaches).
    Personally, I have kept some of the organizations teachings, those that are bible based. However, I have discarded many, such as an earthly hope for a heavenly hope (the new earth in the bible is not cleaning up corpses, dismantling and cleaning up polluting operations, etc. to make an earthly paradise), I try to observe the Sabbath as it is one of the 10 commandments, (this is a struggle for me, but the 10 commandments were never abolished making them still valid, even Yoshua (Jesus) said to pray the tribulation did not come in the winter or on a Sabbath- if it was no longer necessary, why would he mention this day at tribulation time), I no longer use the names Jehovah or Jesus, but Yahweh and Yoshua (the Jewish language does not contain the letter "J" and we do not change how we pronounce our names when traveling to different speaking countries, so why would we change such sacred ones?), 144,000 is figurative (in context with the verse) and the governing body are merely self-appointed corporate CEO's sharing leadership in false prophesying (more bible evidence to show that arrangement is not God ordained than they use to support it and there is a long history of failed prophecy from the governing body), I came to recognize with new understanding the tree of life and it's significance throughout the scriptures and prophecies (this significance is virtually ignored by the organization in the account of Adam and Eve in order to better support a promise of an earthly paradise). These are just a few changes in my beliefs, but they are significant enough to forever impact my relationship with family and members of the organization.
    Was it worth leaving and the repercussions that comes with it? Yes! I speak from my personal experience when I say, there is nothing more refreshing in starting to find the real truth and knowing God is accessible through Christ alone. My hope is that more people realize that the organization is not God and that self-appointed "chosen ones" do not control our access to Him.

    Good luck in your personal journeys.
  • WireRider

    Well put from a first hand perspective.

    The JW/WT are not a religion they are a CULT. They in fact have nothing to do with God. The cruel hate of the outside, shunning people who leave, say if you leave them you leave God is so wrong, hating, brainwashing, and manipulative. That is not God.

    People should believe, or not believe, on their own terms. If you leave the cult - don't blame God. Blame those people for lying and manipulating. They have never spoke to God or on his behalf.

    I'm 46. Growing up my church has never shunned anyone - ever ever. It is a very open and welcoming religion. NO ONE HAS ANY FEAR that they have to choose between freedom and family. That is F$%ING stupid - that has never been God. Come whenever you want. Don't come if you don't. Come share and compare notes if you wish to study. I'VE NEVER HAD A TIME SHEETS to prove anything. What does God need a time sheet for??? He knows. Why do you have to prove it to humans??? Never had time sheets to meet sales quotas for the WT - or are told it is the only way to make God happy. We never went door to door as slaves of the WT to shove beliefs on people who never asked for them. Uninvited guests SUCK and are a blight on society. We explore God and theology how we want - NOT dictated by any one (to control the herd) any told to read their repetitive repetitive retentive fake religion.. I've never heard of an Elder intervention/tribunal to kick people out because they force their human CULT rules. Frankly where to they get off claiming they speak for God? I think promising 12 dates for the, we promise we promise, the end of the world - God's has never taken their calls.

    If a man makes claim to speak for me about things, and those claims turn out not to be true they are false prophets. False prophets will be killed. Why doesn't anyone get this? Russell promised promised, promised the end of the world would happen in 1914. It did not, oops, promise promise promise it will happen in 1915. Opps. Opps. God killed the false prophet in 1916. (I think God has a sense of humor - he waited for 1915 to come and go just to rub it in.)

    The ONLY way JW/WT people can know God is to leave that CULT. Don't buy the snake oil. Don't drink the kool-aid. In fact you had better get out now - the end of the world is very very close and you don't want stand very close to, or admit that you even know or follow, the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses - God already has a place for false prophets (and those door to door preaching their lies to trick petty) in Revelations - they will be the first to be cast into the lake of fire.

  • Heartsafire
    I share your hope that other people will wake up to the fact that the WT is a mind controlling cult and nothing more. When I opened up the Bible and read it directly for myself I realized their teachings were total bogus. I love that you mentioned the tree of life as I would like to research that. Some of the most helpful books of the Bible, for me, have been the letters from John. He clearly tells us what is true and false teaching. Anyway, thanks for the post, and welcome to the forum.
  • Daniel1555

    I wish you a lot of joy on your life and personal relationship with god.

    Being out of the WT mind control I also have a deeper personal relationship with god.

    However I would never call my views "the truth."

    With difference to your understanding I don't believe that the bible is god's word and I don't believe in the picture the paints about god.

  • cappytan
    Leaving the JW's has actually improved my personal relationship with Zeus. It's wonderful, isn't it?
  • Heaven

    Cappy... my preference is the Celtic Goddess Epona, the protector of all equine animals. I have always loved horses. I am her, she is me. Of course, me being female, I was made in the image of the Goddess and identify with her very much.

  • cappytan
    Heaven: I am partial to Dionysus. My friend freemindfade converted me. The evidence of his blessings are everywhere you look in the aisles of Total Wine & More.
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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh Platinum...That tune is now stuck in my head!!!!

    Damn you...hehehe

  • Heaven

    Cappy, Dionysus is cool being the Greek God of fertility and wine. I certainly hope Zeus does not get angry with you.


    Platinum Fix... * snicker *. Or should I say *nicker*. ;0p

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