Myth Dispelled! Leaving the Organization is NOT Leaving God

by LeftMyReligionToFindGod 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cofty

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    Before making decisions about your beliefs it is really important to spend time - probably a number of years - getting acquainted with reality.

    Once you have figured out some important facts then you can decide whether supernatural beliefs can still be accommodated.

    For example it is beyond sensible debate that...

    There was no Adam and Eve. No fall from perfection and no original sin.

    All life, including humans, evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years.

    There was no global flood

    The bible shows absolutely no signs of supernatural origin. It is historically and scientifically wrong and hopelessly contradictory on important matters.

  • cofty
    I try to observe the Sabbath as it is one of the 10 commandments

    What list of "10" are you using, Exodus 20 or Exodus 32?

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