I’m Sending You My Thoughts and Prayers

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  • redvip2000

    Starving populations all over Africa and filling their bellies with thoughts and prayers....this is why they are dying.

  • OrphanCrow

    I find it sort of creepy when people say they are going to pray for me. Especially those "prayer circles". Weird.

    It makes me uncomfortable to know that someone, especially a group of people, are sitting around talking to somebody(god) about my problems. The ultimate gossip circle jerk.

    *And it's condencending

  • minimus

    I’m not convinced that receiving a prayer is helpful but if someone wants to do it it’s all right by me.

  • steve2

    The concept of prayer amuses me, especially the aim to get as many people as possible to pray for someone or something. Is that how a Creator operates? A numbers game? Lots of prayers good - not many prayers - bad. Popularity wins? The more prayers, the more likely God will give a favourable result? A bit like a petition presented to parliament - getting a hearing because of imressjve numbers?

    The concept of prayer captures well the juvenile-mindedness and separatist-thinking of many believers and their magical thinking that ‘the more who pray, the more likely a favourable outcome’. Pathetic and irritating at the same time.

  • Betheliesalot


    Amusing clip where Yahweh answers yes to all prayers.

  • Vanderhoven7

    True...cults tend to do very little. But the facts speak for themselves. Real Christians are known by their fruits. Why are so many praying Christians out there supporting or actually working for or with faith based organizations serving the poorest in foreign lands?

    My guess is because they view every human being as having incalculable worth.

    Reminds me of the elderly 19th century missionary doctor, who, exhausted from serving the poor, fell into a ditch. Some medical students discovered him and in Latin suggested they try a new operation technique on "this miserable wretch".

    Highly offended the missionary responded in perfect Latin with, "How dare you call a miserable wretch, one for whom Christ died"

  • em1913

    I do pray. But I would never say something so superficial as "you're in my thoughts and prayers" to someone in trouble or in pain. I'd say "what can I do to help?"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "I’m Sending You My Thoughts and Prayers."

    In my ever-humble opinion, the trademark phrase of a cheapskate suck-up!

    They may protest "well, it was the least I could do."

    I reply, "Yes, it certainly was. The VERY least. It is impossible to do anything less helpful to the bereaved while it makes YOU seem 'caring' and 'Spiritual.' You suck."

    That is why I frequently post that I will sing showtunes for the recently departed, to illustrate absurdity by being absurd.

  • jp1692

    I didn’t get them. Don’t bother, it’s pointless.

    Even if they came, I wouldn’t want them — not from you. You don’t know me. You don’t care.

    Cut the fucking bullshit!

    Quit pretending to be caring or compassionate. It’s all an act. No one believes you, at least not anyone with half a brain.

    Normally, I wouldn’t even to bother to respond to your hypocritical post. But — since you did it publicly — I feel compelled to call you out for the pathetic excuse for a human being that you are.

    Your “virtue signaling” public declarations are disgusting to me. If you really cared — which you obviously don’t — you would have reached out privately, sensitively and with discretion. But you didn’t.

    Instead you opted to make this very public post which I can only construe as designed to make you look good to others. It isn’t working.

    I don’t know or care what others think. You disgust me.

    Take your useless “thoughts and prayers” and shove them up your fucking ass.

    I don’t give a shit, and now neither will you — those useless “thoughts and prayers” will clog up your ass and make that shit back up until it comes out of every other orifice of your body ... oh, maybe that’s already happened. Maybe that’s why you’re posting this miserable shit about fucking useless “thoughts and prayers.”

    Your postings are evidence of a constipated brain, which is just a fancy way of saying: you’re completely full of shit!

  • redvip2000
    The concept of prayer amuses me, especially the aim to get as many people as possible to pray for someone or something. Is that how a Creator operates?

    yes, evidently Jellohoba refuses to move a finger to help you until you beg for it. It's almost like you walking down the street and see an old lady fall, and you just stand there insisting that the old lady begs you to help.

    Sometimes i think of all the times i prayed and i feel embarrassed that I actually spoke silently to a imaginary person.

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