I’m Sending You My Thoughts and Prayers

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  • jws

    I might say something to the effect of I wish you well and you're in my thoughts.

    Saying you're in my prayers, though it might sound wonderful to them, to me is being heartless. Like I'm saying nothing at all. Like saying something stupid like "I'll stomp my foot for you". Everybody knows stomping your foot isn't going to help a damn thing (unless they need help killing bugs). So saying you're going to do that doesn't comfort anybody.

    And that's how I feel about promising prayers. I'm promising to do something that won't do a damn thing. To me, that's like an insult. Like telling a sick person you're not going to do anything for them.

    Technically, thoughts doesn't do anything either. But knowing a person is cared for may comfort them. That's me saying that I do care and I'm thinking of them. Since I'm thinking of them, I'll probably follow up more. Which is comforting. Prayers are usually for the intercession of god - of somebody else to help them. Which ain't gonna happen.

  • caves

    Saying "thoughts and prayers" where I came from is mostly a back handed compliment. And a quick , get me the f@#% away from this person, even if the person saying it thinks they mean it when saying it.

    @Blondie- Totally. The shear hypocrisy.

  • minimus


  • TD

    I say thoughts and hopes, or something similar.

    And its usually reserved for situations where a more tangible / meaningful gesture is completely out of my power. .

  • ctrwtf

    A Salud Giordano! I'll even clink my glass with my wife to you!

  • Finkelstein

    I pray that god goes away.

  • Giordano

    A SALUD ctrwf you should feel a little tingling at 6 PM EST time US. You might want to sit down for a moment....... lol!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    Is that what your avatar is, a guy holding up a glass? I always thought it was a karate man getting ready to chop 😅

  • ttdtt

    Personally, I would rather be in someone's Will, than in their T&P :)

  • Exelder

    I don't pray and don't believe in God anymore so to say that they were in my prayers would be worthless.

    I tell them that they are constantly in my thoughts and follow up regularly with a phone call or visit if they need one.

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