Britain's Sharia Courts Look Strangely Familiar

by Sea Breeze 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    I think you should listen to as many Peterson videos that you can find. I didn’t even know who he was unti 3 weeks ago, and I have yet to hear anything disingenuous come from his mouth. He is the exact opposite of the religious leaders many of us grew up listening to. I’ve rarely listened to someone who is so concise and non-political.

    The hatred that Peterson receives from ignorant, close-minded and agenda driven “Journalists” is mind-boggling. It reminds me of when we Ex-Dubs try to reason with loyal Dubbies and their thought process stops, their eyes glaze over and they start spouting propaganda. Their minds are taken over by extreme ideology and you cannot reason with them. These are the people who would stone apostates if the law allowed.

    So so many of us here speak of “truth” and “intellectual honesty”, but do we really want truth and are we really honest? Or, do we want to do the least amount of reasoning possible and throw our opinions around as fact?

    Anyone who says “Oh, Peterson”, hasn’t read his book or even bothered to listen to him. It reminds of when Cofty asks certain ones to just read a book about evolution before making ill-informed comments.

    You didn’t address anything that I mentioned and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember you acting that way on a regular basis.

    Just FYI, listening to Professor Peterson helped me changed my view on the Russian ban on JWism. We have two extreme ideologies, both dangerous with ignorant followers. I can’t support the ban on JWism because to do so is to support the extreme ideology of the Russian government.


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