Britain's Sharia Courts Look Strangely Familiar

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  • Phizzy

    The growth of the Muslim population from 4.5% to a significant proportion like 40% as LUHE mentions is maybe inevitable, eventually.

    It is my hope that we can eradicate Faith schools, or at least make them them rare, so that the majority of children of religious parents receive a proper education that eventually means religion loses its hold on them.

    Maybe I'm a Dreamer.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Phizzy - I don't think you're answering my post.

    Would anyone else like to have a go?

  • Simon
    These 'courts' have no more legal force in the UK than a JW judicial committee.

    They may not have legal force but they get away with a lot more and how long before "Muslim Community Patrols" appear? Will they be prevented?

    We've already seen Muslim communities be allowed to operate with impunity outside the normal laws because they don't see themselves subject to the current secular authorities - they view it as a temporary arrangement until they get to decide everything.

  • Simon
    if you follow the link, that at least they have a woman on the council which is more than you can say for the high control religion that we are all familiar with

    That is meaningless. You only have to look at the evil burka bitches patrolling and harassing women in Saudi Arabia and Iran to see that women can be just as nasty and power crazy as any man is.

    And what makes you think the woman has equal say? Even if she did, it's 2:1 men's vote and it's unlikely that she does.

  • Simon
    Plus, the Sharia courts are currently affecting only Muslims (save for that incident in east London that saw Muslim patrols put up sharia stickers in the area and harass gay couples, people drinking alcohol, etc.). As the Muslim % grows, will the demand (currently only by a tiny, insignificant minority-within-a-minority) for Sharia to replace Western law grow louder and louder?
    Furthermore, it would be useful to examine other countries that have seen a small Muslim minority grow and grow. Countries like Lebanon and Belgium (in recent times), and Turkey (in antiquity).

    Anyone who has fled from once prosperous and law-abiding countries will tell you how it begins and how it ends. It always begins with them creating enclaves where they have their "standards" imposed on everyone, no-go zones for outsiders and it spreads outwards from there.

  • jamesmahon


    Did you bother reading the article about the Muslim Community Patrols? It is 30 volunteers who have been trained by off-duty policemen who were concerned about violence against muslims in New York. I don't approve of vigilantism but they are not like the religious police in Iran which you are clearly trying to infer.

    Your last comment is utter crap as well. 'Starts with an enclave and spreads from there'. Jesus. You want to make fear lingering statements like that show me the evidence. Show me the evidence on how Iran and Saudi Arabia were liberal, prosperous, law abiding (whatever that means? Whose laws?) countries that became islamic nightmare states because of spreading enclaves?

    You know I came back here thinking there used to be some nice folk on here (although that all went South six or seven years ago which is why I left then). Maybe there still are. All I can see though is a majority of bitter, angry people who having emptied their spleen (rightly) on the watchtower cannot let that anger go and so vent it elsewhere about other groups of people. If your life is shit or great it has nothing to do with muslims or immigrants or the EU or me.

    Go out, make some new friends, be kind to people you don't like and extra kind to those you do. Stop putting people in boxes and start seeing them as individuals. Show no respect to ideas but respect individuals. You will feel better for it. And this board will be a better place for it as well. If you don't want to I am sure there are some Reddit boards that will happily act as an echo chamber for you and you can spout off with other people who feel no better for the spouting.

  • Simon

    There's plenty of "prior-art" to study when it comes to Islamification of countries - how it starts, what happens and what the results are. It's been repeated ad nauseam. The results are always the same and they are never good for anyone. The guise of doing patrols for people's benefit is how they fool people who are too stupid to see what is coming.

    It's the extreme theological fascist version of socialism and just like socialism there are plenty of useful fools shouting "it will be different this time, it's never been done properly before, all the other times were anomalies".

    I don't know if you're a fool or an Islamist, but you don't really have a counter argument because deep down you know it's true - you're just trying to obfuscate things.

    Do your own research. Look at places like Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran and other before extreme Islam took them over. Dare to claim that people there are better off or have better lives, especially women and girls.

    Going off some of the sick manifestations with Muslim communities in western communities one can only imagine the horrors played out when they have complete control.

  • jamesmahon

    So show me one piece of evidence Simon. You say there is plenty. So show me even one piece of sociological, ethnographic or even anthropological research that supports your statement. Of course given this is what always happens there should be a multitude of such research. You mention counties that were Islamic for centuries and in each case it was revolution of corrupt governments that brought zealots to power. I would argue that if a white right wing uprising happened in this country and brought back stoning of homosexuals and removal of ‘the other’ it would gain pretty rapid support from the thug class.

    You do spout some pretty horrible bile. I despise Islam as much as I do all religions. I don’t despise the people though. I would never clump every Muslim, catholic or even JW together though as one evil mass.

    What would you advocate? Banning Islam? Deporting any Muslim from the UK? Rounding them up and putting them in camps? You seem to have so much anger for something that does not affect you at all.

    I guess you get just as furious about the things that do affect you. Like schools having to scrap the arts and languages because they do not have enough money? About spending at least £20 bn on nuclear weapons we will never use? About how if we allow massive inheritance of wealth and power we by default allow inheritance of poverty and powerlessness? How we have moved so far to look to protect the individual rights but failed to educate on collective responsibility? That people let their dogs shit on pavements and playgrounds? That bankers still get to play roulette with the economy where the wheel they play on means if they win they win and if they lose we lose? But you keep having a go at Muslims. I guarantee if there was not a single Muslim on the planet your life would not be in any measurable way better.

  • cofty

    If Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes PM the rise of sharia courts with full authority of the law is a certainty.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I despise Islam as much as I do all religions. I don’t despise the people though. I would never clump every Muslim, catholic or even JW together though as one evil mass - the mistake you're making, James, is you're conflating Islam and Muslims when you're considering the comments of posters such as Simon, Cofty and myself.

    My problems with Islam don't mean I hate Muslims. I don't advocate banning any religion either, even the Watchtower.

    But politicians must have sensible debates about the worst bits of religions and government should regulate them.

    Government and the law must be dominant over all religions, Islam included.

    One real problem is that most western governments just aren't doing this. At an extremely important time in our history, our politicians have gone missing.

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