The Watchtower is not invincible

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  • talesin

    When the state cuts off the tax benefits (ie, starts taxing religion like any other business), that will be its demise, along with a lot of other snake-oil salesmen (ie, religions, cults, whatever one wishes to call them).


    I think that the WT is invincible.....Fisherman

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The God of Watchtower is invincible. It's hard bring down an all wise all

    knowing, invisible God that only communicate with all knowing 8 or 9 cunning GB


  • talesin

    OUTLAW ^^^^

  • fukitol

    This is their future:

    There has been close to a 40% decline in printed material in the last decade. Hard to say what will happen in the next few years. Maybe a total decline in printed material, but with everything only on tablets or streaming videos at KHs. But only KHs or Assembly Halls at centralized locations. Mega Congregations.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, more centralizing of KHs, sold off and simply using Assembly Hall complexes. Just like how the Mormons have only centralized facilities. Usually in larger centres.
  • umbertoecho

    1903 the vote is given to all women in backwards little Australia, 1972 women allowed to leave an abusive situation and receive assistance and help on every level. 1900, the laws on concealment of a crime in any state were established and never taken down or changed.

    This is the one" little" over- looked law of 1900 that may unravel the whole thing. And I love these little laws that are sometimes deemed so small as to have no legal status. O'Toole recommended for investigation due to his real or deliberate ignorance of such a law is going to happen. (It was his legal duty to know about all aspects of law, especially criminal law) I like little wins....they lead to bigger ones.

    This religion has been banned before and it will happen again. Not a prophecy, just an observation of the disgust I have seen. Small beginnings can turn into really really big conclusions.

    My hope is in this little place where many oddities exist and many good things do happen. Just stay tuned. Have a lovely Christmas people I am having my first ever....yay

  • umbertoecho

    nvisible God that only communicate with all knowing 8 or 9 cunning GB

    Did you make a mistake with the spelling or am I having a wonderfully evil thought.......?

  • jws

    Whenever I have dreams that they will all go away, I remind myself that there are still Bible Students that follow Studies in the Scriptures. ( If those guys are still around, albeit small, the JWs could be around in some form for quite a long time.

    I have to shake my head when people call them "ribalistic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, blood refusing, tight pants hating". I mean, isn't most of this stuff any religion? Like being homophobic. If you aren't, you're not following the Bible. So we can't single out JWs. It's symptomatic of the majority of religions.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I think some ex-JWs need the Watchtower to be invincible. It gives them something to direct their anger and resentment at.

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