Why do members here have a fascination with telling us they're leaving ?

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  • Prisca

    When I moved house I didn't post to say that I'd be offline. Didn't really see the point, but I'm not one to make public announcements about my private life, so....

    I was offline for about a week and no body missed me .... boo-hoo-hoo..... goodbye cruel world. Simon, please, no, I DEMAND that you delete my account, I can see that no body cares if I live or die...... (dramatically runs out of room with hands over face, pretending to cry)

    OK, I'll be serious now I don't reply to "Goodbye forever" type posts, because 9 times out of 10 they come back within a week or a month. And those who leave for longer, well, if they were that really good friends with me they'd know how to contact me, so there's no need to say goodbye.

  • Skeptic

    Most people who leave for good reason tell us out of courtesy. Their goodbye posts generally consist of "I am going on vacation for awhile and...". Though it indicates lousy personal security practices, it does let their friends know they are OK and prevents the "so-and-so won't answer my accusations because they are true" nonsense.

    Others just do it for dramatic effect. They want attention, or they are pissed and have to leave a few abusive words to be remembered by.

    I haven't left any goodbye threads because I see that most who leave come back. I want to avoid that embarrassment. So I go on with my little life, or I lick my wounds and come back when I am ready.

    I don't read a lot of goodbye threads, cause they aren't worth the time. The only one I was happy to see was sent by a very abusive individual. I hope him and his cronies never come back (sigh-they will); chances are they are playing their sick games on another website.

  • mouthy

    Well the reason I did it. Was because of my age...76... I figuered you might all think I had" kicked the bucket" Now remember dear friends > when I do !!!! I want you to know I wanted to go!!! Not to get away from you lot.... But I want to see all those who have gone before me....( Hubby kids,friends,) but as I have said before -I think Frank( My husband) is standing at the gates saying to Peter" Please dont let her up here it is Heaven with out her"
    He will be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!lol
    I also like to hear you all say you will miss me- Good for my ego!!!!!!!
    But It was my "puter" that went the way of the rubbish last week I am glad to be back....

  • wednesday

    I once asked Simon to delete all my posts. Reason? I was so afraid that my posts would come back to bite me in the butt. He declined. I got over it and as u see , contine to post.

    I really don't mind the goodbye post. Its helps b/c i am not always wondering "where is so and so".

    the emotional outbursts, well they re emotional outbursts.

    It would be a dull board if we were all the same.


  • rocketman

    Actually, I often appreciate many of the goodbye posts, even if temporary, here's why:

    Some months ago, I noticed no posts from a member here, and I got no e-mail replies or PM replies either. I started a thread about her. That very day, someone replied to the thread and said they noticed too, and that they could give her a call. By the end of the day, others had replied that they too noticed she had not been around.

    We found out she had surgery, and it had to be done all of a sudden. I was relieved to find out she was okay, as was everyone else.

    The point is, if someone just disappears, I wonder about them. Many of us do. And I sometimes think in the back of my mind, 'hey, I hope nothing bad happened'. We can get that 'family' feeling here, and if a family member goes missing for a long time, I feel better knowing that they're okay.

    When Aztec posted a few weeks back that she would not be around as much due to her new job, I appreciated it. And recently, Mary posted that she will be here much less often because of school and work obligations. I think it was nice of her to do that. In both cases, had they not said something, I'd have started to wonder 'is she okay?'

    Now, in the case of those who in a huff say "I'm Leaving!!!" well, that can get annoying, especialy when they keep coming back. But when someone says, 'I'm leaving, this board has served its purpose, it's time to move on' I appreciate the fact that they let us know, and that it's a postive reason why they're leaving. Of course, if they choose not to say anything, that's obviously fine too.

    Of course, when someone does go missing, I try PM or e-mail (if available) first. And yes, I do realize that many folks just take time off from this place, and that there's no need to tell us. But overall, I have no problem with such 'departure' posts, and I often am thankful we've been informed.

  • freedom96

    Many times the one leaving is just pissed off at someone on the board. They offer their last insult and sometimes they actually do go away.

    It does humor me, as does much human behavior.

    Some have posted that they will be on vacation, or available to get online less often, and that doesn't bother me. It is nice to know when a friend won't be available for awhile.

    It is just those who cannot handle whatever it is here and announce to everyone that they must leave. I must wonder if they acted the same way when they left the Kingdom Hall for the last time.

  • Aztec


    You deserve a smoochie so here ya go...:-* (sorry, it's the best I can do for now)


  • rocketman


  • SheilaM

    Well now that you mention it ...Thunder and I are leaving ...yep

    Well, we are leaving to go to San Diego and watch the Boy graduate from bootcamp........

  • Aztec

    But, but, Sheila, it won't be the same without you here. :-(

    Enjoy SD and your son's graduation. :-)

    Rocket, I may give you a call this week. Just because...


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