Has there ever been any who came here to snoop/snipe/whatever...

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  • Hamas


    Now that a relief, I was worried that you might have been mad at me

    I posted that a while back now.... I can't believe I ever did post this rubbish.

    I got knocked down by the Watchtower 'he's an apostate' bandwagon

  • greven
    The GB holds not 'their laws ' , but GODS LAWS from his word the bible , and the reason why they dont relax their stance on Immorality is because they dont go against what Jehovah has to say.

    LOL, Hamas! It's fun to look back at it later and think "how on earth could I have been like that?!". It does however show us that when newbies rant likewise we shouldn't kick their butt to much so to speak, eventually they will learn and look back the same way you did just now. Don't be ashamed! Instead be proud to show how you have progressed!

    How people can grow in knowledge! What is considered unthinkable today, can be obvious tomorrow!


  • rocketman

    Hamas sure did do the 'ol 180.

  • Hamas

    Thanks Greven.

    I like this one the best...

    And with sick Peodo child molesters in the congregations ? You get nutters everywhere people .. the minute these guys do things like this , they are not witnessess ... a murderer aint a murderer before he murdered , he became one when he killed.

    What was I thinking... must have just got back from a 'super spiritual' fest ... by that I mean more than one person spoke to me at the end of the meeting !

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey Berylblue,

    Did I come here to snoop/snipe?

    No. I did not come here to snoop or snipe. I came here to investigate this online support system. I came here on the advise of a relative who is currently trying to exit the borg. I have been out of the borg for 10 years.

    Has my thinking changed by reading the posts?

    Yes!! indeed!!.

    There are so many new things about the WTBTS that I didn't know about.

    There involvement with the U.N. was a biggy.

    The virtual SIZE of the WTBTS empire.

    Certain flip flops were extremely NEW and upsetting to me.. such as

    "A wife or husband getting a divorce on "spiritual endangerment" grounds .. THat is a way big change!

    " J.W.'s accepting organ transplants is new to me"

    The early history of J.W. organization is new to me.. with issues around Russell and Rutherford.. Certainly an eye opener. This is truly a man made organization and their own history proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Why do I stay on the forum?

    I feel a kinship with the members here. Most people have never experienced what we have. It is a language of it's own. A distinctive cult of it's own origin. I think that a peer (someone who has gone through similar things) is the best support one can ever have.

    Good questions Berylblue. It makes one to search themselves, as to why are they here? What drew them here? Why stay?.. and for some Why leave?


    special K

  • Swan

    Dear Hamas,

    This is really a turnabout for you! You are now one of our best posters. May I ask you to elaborate on what caused this change?


  • kgfreeperson

    Hamas--good for you for posting that! It really is helpful to see where you started from. Did the change in your perspective come mostly from participating here or were there other major factors?

  • berylblue

    Yes, Hamas. That took a lot of courage.


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D


    You're more of a man and a more humble servant to humanity than the men of the borg will ever be [is that really saying much? ]

    The WTS never admits when they are wrong. The humility that you displayed is the antithesis of how the men of the borg carry themselves; blaming the 1975 mess-up and the 'generation' change on the R&F.

    To all,

    As to the Q, I did enough research via KH library books and the CD-Rom to be personally convinced that the WTS was jacked-up before coming to the apostate invented 'Internet' [or was the Al Gore?]. Once here, I finally felt like I wasn't crazy seeing that others had come to the same conclusions regarding issues like 587/607, the Proclaimers book whitewashed authorship, the splitting hairs on the parts of blood that we can accept, the propaganda in the WTS literature, and some other issues.

    Once here though, I was still floored by what else I learned, like the UN thing.

    But the biggest thing that floored me once coming here was the level of inhumane treatment and absolute arrogance that so many here were being handled with by the 'loving' elders of jehover's earthly organization. It wasn't one or two cases, but a widespread 'composite' sign that transcended across the entire global Borganization of the WTS.

    Seeing so many lives hurt and ruined by the WTS, I felt an enormous level of guilt for 'preaching' door to door, hurting others in my community, those of my family members who aren't in the Troof, and to my friends who I shunned because they are 'marked' or DF'd. As a friend, I let them down and chose to follow the marching orders of evil, power hungry men. It's good to find that of the ones I have now contacted, they have welcomed me back with open arms as a friend again.

    That's what true friendship and love are all about. A stark contrast to those in the Borg.


  • berylblue
    The WTS never admits when they are wrong

    Winston, that is one of the most disgusting features of this cult.

    George Carlin used to have a routine about "what happened to all the Catholics doing time in hell on the meat rap after the Church decided it was okay?"

    Well, what about the sincere Witnesses who got DF because they disagreed with a WT doctrine or policy which was later changed?

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