Good news! From Vicki Boer

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  • needs_lots

    To all my friends,

    I have good news and bad news

    Bad news first, the judge is on vacation and will not give her ruling now until the middle of Sept.

    GOOD NEWS! The fifth estate show that airs again next wednesday at 9pm has just been nominated for a "GEMINI AWARD". Very big for us canadians. So this means that it will be shown once again. The gemini awards air in Oct of this year.

    I will keep you updated about the trial.

    thanks again,


  • Elsewhere

    Holy Shmoly!

  • Scully

    WOW!! That is incredible news, Vicki!! A Gemini Award!! (that's like an Emmy to you American folks)

    I know it will be difficult waiting an extra couple of weeks for the judge's decision, but in the meantime, we can see the program again on September 3, and get another update in October when the Gemini nominees are aired! Good for you!!

    Love, Scully

  • Joyzabel

    Ahhhhh sucks about the judge being on vacation!

    but Hhoray for the award!!! GREAT NEWS!!!


  • Brummie

    Yay at the good news.

    The WT attempting to slap a $160.000 bill on VB is a blatant attempt to gag future cases or at least to make people think twice before suing them. Sh*tbags.


  • Valis

    I hope the judge has a that is a lot of money! What Brummie said!


    District Overbeer

  • AnnOMaly

    I'm sorry that you're having to wait so long for a decision! Churns up yer innards it does.

    I pray that justice will be done for you, Vicki!

    Forgive my appalling ignorance. Who instigated this cold-hearted initiative for you to pay costs? WTS or the Court? (Again - excuse the stupid question).

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Headsup, Vicki!! The 5th Estate Receives the Gemini Award and is aired again BEFORE the judge gives ruling on your which case, the judge will likely see it....there IS a very good side to this pending outcome, cherie!

    Frannie B

  • rocketman

    Hoping for the best outcome Vicki!

  • fjtoth

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