Whacky Reasoning to Blame it all on Men!!

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  • patio34

    Here's a really far-fetched, entertaining, unproveable (but maybe DISprovable!) theory I've been mulling over:

    Point #1: Large breasts may be superfluous in women. (source: The Third Chimpanzee by Pulitzer-Prize winner, Jared Diamond). Chimps and some other mammals can nurse young fine with practically flat chests. According to him, therefore, breast size (and penis length by the way) is probably due to sexual selection and preference, rather than survival needs.

    Point #2: Men rarely get breast cancer due to so little breast tissue. (source: I don't know, I read it somewhere a while back.)

    Point #3: I'm suffering from a painful cyst in my (ahem ) breast. (I know! Too much information!!)

    Possible conclusion: if it hadn't been for great-great-great (squared!) grandpa some 40,000 or more years ago favoring "hooters" on women, then I wouldn't have these superfluous mounds that are prone to lumps, cysts, and cancer!!

    Presented in a humorous and jovial way for your reading pleasure,


  • caligirl

    LOL patio! I am in total agreement, though my husband will argue that they are very necessary! IMO, if we have 'em, we want 'em smaller, and if we don't have 'em, we want 'em bigger. I for one would like them to shrink, but since I am breastfeeding right now, I am stuck with them being the size that they are. Darn things get in the way all the time!

  • Elsewhere

    <--- Staring you know where

    Huh? Wha? Did ya say something?

  • patio34

    Caligirl & Elsewhere:

  • Elsewhere

    I find it interesting that some women love their large breasts and show them off... enjoying every bit of attention they get... yet others hate the attention their breasts attract.

    Any comments?

  • talesin


    so true, so true (I can empathize with the cyst BTW)


    And some of us feel both ways. It all depends on what kinda day we're having. So go figure! I don't get it either. Good question, and one I have discussed with friends. It's a burden you menfolk just have to bear. Tread lightly, you never know how your leer is gonna be taken!


  • patio34

    Hi Talesin, thanks for the empathy. I'm beginning to look like Napoleon (when no one's looking!)--clutching my left side!

    Hi Elsewhere, It's a tricky situation, I'd imagine, for a male to check out the femme's cleavage. I liked Jerry Seinfeld's solution: It's like looking at the sun--look for a second and then LOOK AWAY.

    Also, it depends on the setting, whether you're in a casual party or in a business office. Besides, a glance is always forgiveable, I'd say, but staring is always offensive with most women. After all, if we're in a conversation, it'd be nice to converse with our faces instead of our chests!



  • smack

    I keep looking at xena's pic, thinking....... what colour are her eyes?


  • czarofmischief

    If it weren't for nice hoots coming through the door, my job would be unbearable.


  • LittleToe


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